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Digital Tutors – Next-Gen Game Pipeline Bundle(16CD)

Digital Tutors – Next-Gen Game Pipeline Bundle

8 Gb | 16 CD | 29 hrs. 55 min

Learn the production workflow to next-gen game development and time-saving techniques for all stages of game development pipelines. Features low-poly modeling in Maya, sculpting and adding detail in ZBrush, texture painting in ZBrush, animation techniques in Maya, building real-time shaders, and deploying your game with Maya and XNA. Contains nearly 30 hours of project-based training for technical and creative artists.
Included in this bundle:

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Behold the power of the GPU

The new generation 3D system takes advantage of GPU and Shader pipelines to render final production quality HDRI images with full deep pixel output. The extensive toolset opens up the abilities for complex shaders and procedural materials.

Speed. The new GPU renderer is raw power, computational expensive depth of field and motion blurring are a breeze on modern graphic cards. Hours of render are now delivered in fractions of seconds.

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