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The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder
This Master Class will demonstrate both practical tools and ideas for creating custom character rigs and animation using Autodesk’s Motion Builder software. Our intended audience is current Motion Builder users of the beginning to intermediate level, as well as riggers and animators whom are new to Motion Builder. Our topics will include the rigging and keyframe animation of characters as well as special animation procedures often needed in production.
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Photoshop Secrets: Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers

From the secrets of the pros from an award-winning expert who has excelled in the field and understands your needs and deadlines. In a warm conversational style, Colin clearly explains what you need to know without using empty jargon. You can use these techniques with confidence, knowing that these are the latest industry strength methods that produce professional results. All the new features of CS4 are covered in depth.

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Digital-tutors: Quadrupeds rigging, animation and maya in zbrush 3

digital tutors Collection bunndle.

Rigging Quadrupeds in Maya Learn time-saving rigging techniques and the principles of building solution-based rigs and controls for more efficient animating. Contains nearly 7 hours of project-based training. Perfect for intermediate artists. Popular highlights include

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Vtc Complet Shake 4.1 Tutors

Welcome to VTC’s tutorial on Shake 4. My name is Kalika Kharkar. In this course, we will cover the new features in Shake 4, the system requirements and an introduction to nodes. In the orientation section, we will learn how to open Shake for the first time. The Viewer, Tool Tabs, and Node View, the parameters, the Color Picker, Pixel Analyzer, and time Bar, the Curve Editor, Audio Panel, and time View, and the Command Line, Help, Title Bar, and Top Menus. Using the interface: here we will learn how to view images, how to use the Nodework Space, working with parameters and globals, how to view channels and compare buffers, and navigation and keyboard shortcuts. In the section on File In and File Browser, we’ll learn how to use the File In Node, using the browser, importing different file formats, how to replace footage, and basic retiming with the File In.

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Digital Tutors: maya Collection (total size 85 GB)

Digital Tutors: Animating Next Gen Characters In Maya
4xCDs | 2.3 GB

Learn a production workflow to game animation and time-saving methods for creating game-ready characters rigs, non-linear animation, and adding appeal. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training for artists learning character animation for next-generation games.
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Richard Williams:The Animator’s Survival Kit ? Animated (16 DVD set include examples)

“The Animator’s Survival Kit ? Animated”

What has cost me millions of dollars and over 30 years to learn, I’ve now put into a 16-DVD box-set combining my Animation Masterclasses with over 400 specially animated examples.”

Richard Williams Animation Masterclass presents the ultimate animation course:

“The Animator’s Survival Kit ? Animated”

How would you like a triple Oscar winner as your personal animation instructor?

Richard Williams, Director of Animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is the link-man passing on the secrets of the masters to the present generation. This box-set is like having your own personal animation school. Over 16 sessions you are given a complete animation curriculum in it’s most practical form and you will be able to put these animation lessons to work immediately.

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Masters of Animation [1986] – VHSRip

(Produced and directed by John Halas. Associate Producer, Jean-Marc Peyron. Editor, Sean Lenihan. Commentary, David Healy and Oswald Laurence. Original Music, Peter Shade, Richard Arnell and David Hewson. 1986)

A series of four programs produced and directed by John Halas. Over 10 years in the making, Masters of Animation represents the peak achievements of 7,000 artists from 13 countries. Produced and directed by John Halas, former president of the International Animated Film Association and award-winning animator, the series provides an opportunity to experience the exciting diversity of the world’s leading animation artists. In addition, viewers are treated to examples of state of the art animation technology.

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Digital Tutors & 3D Tutorial Collection Softimage? XSI

3D Tutorial – Get Moving Character Animation tutorial for XSI | 1.21GB

6-hours of self-paced, project based training for the BEGINNING to INTERMEDIATE level XSI Character Animation enthusiast.

For the intermediate level XSI Character Animation enthusiast or anyone interested in just learning more about animating using SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This new tutorial is approximately 6 (SIX) HOURS long, and consists of a self-paced project based training course comprised of 11 modules and 64 video lectures. The purpose of this series is to introduce you to essential character animation concepts within SOFTIMAGE|XSI and will show you ways that the default XSI rigs and tools can be used to create outstanding animated output.

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Luxology modo Video Training – Cartoon Kid

In this brand new video album from Luxology?s Andy Brown we explore ways of modeling a cartoon character using modo 302, utilizing techniques that are relevant to the creation of any kind of bipedal character.

The Cartoon Kid character is derived from concept sketches provided by Push Pen Studios, to whom we thank profusely. The training videos cover many organic subdivision surface modelling techniques along with a generous application of sculpting. The album also shows how to use and customize modo?s tools and interface to easily pose a character. We explore how to apply UV coordinates and texture the model in order to produce finished still images of the character in action.

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