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29 comments on “NVidia PhysX plugin v2.01 for 3DS Max (32/64bit) 2010

  1. Thanks, works soooo fast… Worth buying a Nvidia card for.
    But….please can someone tell me where the samples are installed.
    Big thanks.

  2. here this is Documentation installation path.
    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX 2.8.3 for 3ds Max\Documentation
    sorry from everyone but i must remove download link from my web site immediately.

  3. Newbie here….do I have to put this file into 3ds max plugins? Or will it automatically install itself to max?

  4. what is this thing, can anyone explaint how to use it or at least what is is use for ????

  5. this is physics simulation engine for dynamic purpose for 3d application and game engine also you can made your work in 3ds max/maya/xsi and export it for dynamic game engine.
    some kind of program that use it for simulation is RAYFIRE.

    • Can this be used for UDK? (Unreal Engine 3) I’m not to happy with the skeletal mesh collisions it uses. I’d like to use better custom shapes than the simple shapes used in the Unreal Engine 3 PhaT Editor. Anyone?

      • You can export to the UDK from maya/max. DL the plugin from ageia though because im pretty sure there is a physx watermark on the viewports if you dont reg w/ them.

  6. damet garm vali age userguidesham mizashti bahaltar mishod:

  7. 4 ktx – Can you zip’s for me files to 2011 *64 MAX. And same instalation guide, please! (sorry 4 my english). I need Physx on me 2011 3d max, but without 2010 i can’t extract plugins files.

  8. copy all the plugins from max 2010 to max 2011, but it didnt work in rayfire :(

  9. Hi all.
    I’m sharing regist key edited to install PhysXPlugin on 3DSMax2011.
    If you instal Max2011 on diferent directory dan the default directory, please edit the regkey for your neads.

  10. Link for the reg key.

  11. I need PhysX DCC plug-in for Maya 2011 x64
    plz send link to my mail

  12. To use it with 3ds max 2011.
    1. rename your 3ds max 2011 folder (C:\Program Files\Autodesk)
    to 3ds max 2010.

    2. install physx(you maby need max 2010 installed)
    Chere’s (:

  13. Just edit your registry entry when installing, and then edit back. that way you dont need to have max 2010

    • Can you help me about this more detail: Where’s registry entry for 3dsmax 2011? What should we edit in that entry? I’m using 3dsmax 2011 64bits and install it in default directory.

  14. Max 2011 32Bit Phsyx For RayFire Tools 1.5

    Please Give Me Link For Download

    Please Send MY Email : NMAH.NH77@GMAIL.COM

  15. Hello,
    Any idea of how to integrate physx with 3ds max on Linux?? Please let me know if there’s a source for this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks. Best,

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