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33 comments on “Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection CS5(Pre-Release)

  1. WHAAAAOW i love you :D you provided me with great software all this time and now the CS5? I’m the happier guy in the world right now… (hoping this is not scam… but i know i can trust you!)

    • Answered my own question. This is the pre-release. I figured as much.

  2. This is confirmed Fake…

    Same release as the pre-release.

    Don’t waste your bandwith

  3. How do you guys download all the stuff? cause you got limit after 1 -2 files? :/

    • use jdownloader, the program reconnects and change you ip automatically…….or……

      reconnect manually, to renew your ip……or……

      go to the prompt window and type:
      ipconfig/release (press enter)
      ipconfig/renew (press enter)

      • doesnt work like that for most isp’s.
        patience or become a payed member of for example, rapidshare, with the points you have received from sharing.

  4. from my experinece uninstalling adobe product is nothing short of a nightmare, if you install a beta, you have to uninstall it and clean out your system sometimes even possibly reformatting your harddrive before installing the release version, you have been warned. It well worth the wait, really. It wont be long at all.

  5. wat is this pre-release? is it beta or smthing adobe jst release their trial wats the diff between this pre release and the current trial downloads?

  6. Toolfarm is from to-day ( april 30th ) shipping their CS5 Masters .
    Think installing now a pre-release only ….
    Wonder how come the final has not yet leaked

  7. damn adobe, why they not releasing like the old cs2 installer, light and fast….CS3-5 is nightmare to install or unninstall, I agree. not like autodesk product, it install development kit for win like dotNet, but adobe do much crazyer than that. take hell out long time to install thing.

  8. <> X-force is fine and clear ….. ! by Eset

    • Yes it does…how am I supposed to use it if it has a damn Trojan?

      The working ones always have a damn backdoor trojan, friggin X-Force

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  10. Download:


  11. CS6 will be out before i go through all those links haha :P thanks though, much appreciated.

  12. The links are not working anymore, any other place where I can download them?

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