19 comments on “iCube R&D – iGrass For 3DsMax

    • lol join the club of the abandoned…
      RS is dead to uploaders. And will be really dead soon enough for good.
      Wanna buy my account? I just signed up and they
      stop the rewards program… resulting in people massively
      leaving it and hating it… i do hate it now, but what´s the deal now??
      there too many scattered services i cant decide which to sing up.
      So i dont for now.

  1. Wow nice!!! Thnks a lot Play DVD BOY’s, thnks also from your souce like, software provider & hacker.

    iam just new.. i have question.. which is better? this iGrass or Autograss?
    what is the advantage of iGrass & Autograss?
    sorry for my poor english.
    Plz. guys any body really need your help..

  2. Dont know about this yet, Im going to scope it out, but I have used Autograss, and it is beyond incredible. With Autograss you can make crop circles, lines as on a football field, etc, etc.

    • You can type it in search-field on Top of this suite and gou get the Post with link to Download.

  3. You need the multiscatter plugin to se the sugested distribution of the
    objects. I had not installed untill then.. now that i do IM AMAZED!
    So easy to do proxies with it. Fucking loving it. Fotoreal visuals in less than a minute… still hard to believe! 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome post playman.

  4. Works perfectly, grass always looks great, even on non-flat geometry, THANKS

  5. thx but how can a plugin this simple be 132MB. Unless there’s video tuts or something…

    • OK… downloaded it and it’s not a plugin in the traditional sense (.dlo for example). It’s a library of .max files containing lots of various grasses and wheats-field etc. very cool.

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