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2DArtist Issue 056 August 2010
English | 89 pages | 130 MB

Content in this magazine

– Kerem Beyit (Artist)
– Futuristic Marines
– Futuristic Cities
– Custom Brushes For Sci-Fi
– ?3324 North Carolina?
– ?Make Me Proud…?


Deposit part1 | part2

In this course we will cover many of the methods for working between ZBrush 4 and Maya.
ZBrush and Maya are both very powerful 3D applications that each offers its own strengths. By combining these two programs into our workflow, we can take advantage of those strengths to get our work done quicker and more efficiently. In this course, we’’ll cover many of the tools and techniques we can use to merge Zbrush and Maya into our workflows. We’ll explore methods for manually transferring geometry back and forth between the two applications. We’ll also look at creating color maps, Normal maps, and Displacement maps, and transferring those to Maya. We’ll look at the GoZ pipeline and how it will make working with Zbrush and Maya a really seamless process. We’ll also look at some practical reasons for choosing to use Maya and Zbrush in tandem. In the end, you’ll have a good understanding of how you can work efficiently between Maya and Zbrush, leveraging the strengths of both to create your best work.


[Hotfile, 3.9GB]

In this course we’ll use ZBrush to build and detail a high resolution biker character.

size: 233 Mb

RealFlow is a unique fluids and body dynamics software package which allows you to simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami crashing across a beach, sweeping debris in its wake. RealFlow remains the definitive tool for the creation of flawlessly realistic simulations, and has been used to create some of the most ground-breaking visual effects ever seen, in movies like ?Avatar?, ?District 9?, ?2012?, ?GI Joe?, and ?The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?, as well as countless commercials, TV programs, and game cinematics.

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3ds Max & After Effects Video Training
HF | project | texture | .aep | .mov | .max | .swf | .flv | 2.91Gb

Collection Tutorial MaxAfter and Project Files 1-42 lessons

letitbit – part #01 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #02 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #03 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #04 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #05 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #06 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #07 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #08 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #09 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #10 (267.89 Mb)
letitbit – part #11 (214.4 Mb)
Total: 2.96Gb/*.rar

Nature Texture Collection – Seamless Bark | 901Mb
Amazing bark textures for creating realistic natural scenes.

All 229 texture maps are provided in TIFF format, for optimal quality and compatibility.
Includes color and bump maps, plus additional bonus maps including alpha, diffusion, and normal.

This collection has dozens of textures for coverage over large areas. Variations of textures with distinguishing features are also provided. These variations allow you to mix these textures as part of the same material, allowing you to define exactly where more noticeable elements will show.
If you are looking for gnarled or twisted bark surfaces, well, your in luck! This collection contains many naturally distorted textures to fit your various needs.
Textures not limited for use only as bark, this collection is very versatile and can be used to create a vast range of material surfaces.

Total Images: 229
Textures: 94
Image Format: TIFF
Map Types: Color, Bump, Alpha, Diffusion
Download File Size: 932 MB (.zip)

letitbit – part1
letitbit – part2
letitbit – part3
letitbit – part4
letitbit – part5
letitbit – part6
letitbit – part7
letitbit – part8
letitbit – part9
hotfile – part1
hotfile – part2
hotfile – part3
hotfile – part4
hotfile – part5
hotfile – part6
hotfile – part7
hotfile – part8
hotfile – part9

15 lessons and a preview on the use of Optical Flares – new plugin from Video Copilot | 434Mb

List of video tutorials:
1) 3d lens flares.flv
2) core objects.flv
3) design interface.flv
4) dynamic triggering.flv
5) light flickering.flv
6) luminance tracking.flv
7) mask positioning.flv
8) on lens simulations.flv
9) plug in overview.flv
10)position control.flv
11)preset browser.flv
12)ProPresets preview.flv
13)real textures.flv
14)shimmer animation.flv
15)technical features.flv

Description: Optical Flares – new plugin from Video Copilot to create and animate realistic lens flare, flashes and rays in After Effects. Lessons and a preview of Andrew Kramer on the use of plug-in.