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2DArtist Issue 057 September 2010
2DArtist 057 Sep 2010
English | 2 parts | 92 pages | 133 MB

What in this month?
Interview: Yigit Koroglu – Illustrator and Concept Artist

Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Vince Chui

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Concept Art for Games – Chapter 03: Characters by Bart Tiongson

Tutorial Series: Painting Futuristic Marines – Chapter 3: All-Terrain Marine by Richard Tilbury

NEW!! Tutorial Series: Painting Creatures From Folklore – Chapter 1: Goblin by Andrei Pervukhin

Tutorial Series: Custom Brushes For Sci-Fi – Chapter 3: Night-Time Sci-Fi City Battle – Gun Fire over City, etc by Richard Tilbury

Making Of: Sea War – Project Overview by Lin Bo

Hotfile Part1 | Part2
DepositFiles Part1 | Part2

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The Gnomon Workshop – Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig Vol I – IV New!
The Gnomon Workshop | avi 640 x 480 | 2.54 Gb

Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig Vol.1

Stories can be written with pictures as well as with words. Veteran storyteller and concept artist Iain McCaig takes you on a journey through the process of creating a story visually ? from story beats and story gates, to story drawings and the art of dreaming images on paper. By the end of this DVD, you will have the tools and techniques you need to create dynamic visual stories of your own. This DVD contains the source for the subsequent lessons on creature and character design, as Iain McCaig retells Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” as a science fiction epic.

Topics Covered :
The Language of Pictures
The Three Act Play
Adapting a Classic
Creating Story Drawings
Drawing on Real Life
Story Beats: the Pulse of a Story
Case Study: The Cosmic Mermaid

Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig Vol. 2
Cosmic Mermaid Character Design

Creating unforgettable and iconic characters is the goal of character designers everywhere. In the second DVD of this series, veteran storyteller and concept artist Iain McCaig shows you how to create an unforgettable leading character, infusing your design with the power of visual storytelling in order to give it life.
Following “Volume 1: Anatomy of a Story”, this DVD joins McCaig as he begins creating the title character for his science fiction adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Topics Covered:
Creating Unique Characters
Concept Designing Process
Character Body Language
The Secret of Life
Creating Amazing Expressions
Drawing Beautiful Women
Creating Icons

Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig Vol.3
Sea King/Space Witch Character Design

Creating memorable icons of Good and Evil is the pillar of all Storytelling. In the third DVD of this series, veteran storyteller and concept artist Iain McCaig shows you how to generate unlimited ideas for good and evil characters while sharing the secrets of his three-step process to iconic character design. Following “Volume 1: Anatomy of a Story” and “Volume 2: Cosmic Mermaid Character Design,” Iain McCaig creates the Sea King and the Space Witch in his science fiction adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Topics Covered:
Creating Icons of Good
Creating Icons of Evil
Generating Unlimited Ideas
Serving the Needs of the Story
Tapping into the Muse
Knowing when to Stop

Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig Vol.4
Human Character and Environment Design

Creating realistic human characters for imaginary worlds is one of the great challenges for artists and storytellers alike. In this fourth DVD in the series, veteran storyteller and concept artist Iain McCaig shows you how to build alternate worlds, costumes, and human characters by passing the real world through the looking-glass of the land of story. Following “Volume 1: The Anatomy of a Story,” “Volume 2: Cosmic Mermaid Character Design,” and “Volume 3: Sea King/Space Witch Character Design,” this DVD tracks McCaig’s progress as he creates the two leading human characters in his science fiction adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Topics Covered:
Creating Human Beings
Building Worlds
Making a Stage
Story Environments
Visual History
Costumes and Props
Making the Pieces Fit

letitbit – part1
letitbit – part2
letitbit – part3
letitbit – part4
letitbit – part5
letitbit – part6
letitbit – part7
letitbit – part8
hotfile – part1
hotfile – part2
hotfile – part3
hotfile – part4
hotfile – part5
hotfile – part6
hotfile – part7
hotfile – part8
fileserve – part1
fileserve – part2
fileserve – part3
fileserve – part4
fileserve – part5
fileserve – part6
fileserve – part7
fileserve – part8

Old Wild West | *.vue | 35.80 Mb

If you love the old wild west, here’s a very large scene that recreates this fascinating environment, with all it’s essential characteristics. The scene is mainly composed of a desert, with its typical vegetation, surrounded by bare mountains with a lake set between them. A small brook flows in the middle of the desert and crosses a town with several paths which depart from it and extend through the whole desert. To this basic environment, you can add other structures and sub-environments, or animate them with characters as Indians, soldiers, cowboys, diligences, bandits, and gunmen! Notes: You have only to repopulate the ecosystems of the present terrain.

Applicable Vue versions: Vue 8 Infinite & xStream
Vue 8 Esprit, Studio & Complete
Vue 7 Infinite & xStream
Vue 7 Esprit, Pro Studio & Complete
Vue 6 Infinite & xStream
Vue 6 Esprit & Pro Studio

Hotfile or Letitbit

VideoHive – Light Bulb
Size: 401 Mb | unrar 1.19 Gb | HF & LB | Source: Videohive

Animation bulbs in 1280×720 resolution HD. Lightbulb turns, turns and moves toward the camera.
There are 2 clips with alpha channel to render with your background, and 4 counted clip with backgrounds in different colors.
– 2 clips with alpha channel to render with your background;
– 4 counted clip with backgrounds in different colors;
– AE demo project and Shake script;
– Sound effects.
Composition of the distribution: mov clips, the project, the necessary elements, file preview.
P.S. At ofsayte project and clips are archived, respectively, indicated a smaller size than in the hand.

Hotfile – part1
Hotfile – part2
Letitbit – part1
Letitbit – part2

Size: 250 MB

In Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst, author Joseph Lowery introduces Business Catalyst, the hosted application for building and managing business web sites, and shows how to add complex functionality by leveraging its integration with Dreamweaver CS5. The course includes tutorials on setting up a Business Catalyst site in Dreamweaver, adding and customizing design elements such as blogs and forums, and employing the Business Catalyst ecommerce features to build an online store. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Exploring the capabilities of Business Catalyst
* Modifying Business Catalyst modules and templates in Dreamweaver
* Extending to clients the ability to modify their web pages in the browser
* Managing downloadable documents with the Literature module
* Utilizing Business Catalyst’s customer and content management features
* Creating email marketing campaigns
* Building a store catalog
* Setting up a payment gateway
* Customizing the checkout experience

Download From Hotfile

Download From Bitshare

TimelineFX Particle Effects Editor

The TimelineFX Particle Editor is a complete solution for creating a full range of particle effects for your games and applications.
Export the particle effects as static animations onto sprite sheets, animation strips or image sequences in PNG format, or if you develop for the iPhone or iPad,
you can export sprite sheets using the PVRTC format (Mac only) which is a great way to enhance performance on those devices.
If you program games using the powerful Blitzmax programming language, you can also use the effects
directly using the TimelineFX Module.

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Project Messiah Studio Pro v5.0

Whether you come from Maya, Softimage, 3DS Max, Lightwave or another CG software, you’ll be amazed by messiah’s innovative smart bones, realtime feedback, plugin ability and low learning curve. Feature Film, Television, Music Videos and Game Development; messiahStudio has been part of it all. What will you do?

Project Messiah Studio PRO v5.0

is a powerful animation & rendering software package specifically
designed to handle the most demanding character animation &
rendering needs. It has been quietly used in feature films, commercials,
games, music videos and print ads for over 10 years; and is now one of
the fastest growing CG packages on the market.

It?s innovative animation centeric workflow is first priority in
every aspect of the program, which makes for a unique and fun
experience. People have reported feeling ?giddy? and ?inspired? after
seeing just a small sampling of what the program can do. messiahStudio
can be used as a complete stand-alone animation and rendering package,
or as a powerful addition to Modo, Maya, 3DMAX, SoftImage XSI,
LightWave, Cinema 4D or an in-house proprietary application; through
extensive animation export capabilities (fbx, mdd, collada), Host
Connection plugins and Host API.

Maya users love it?s powerful and easy rigging capabilities, such as
the ability to setup custom control rigs with visual Armatures, without
the need to write MEL scripts. And messiah?s ?smart bones?, that work
the way you want, immediately, without requiring weight maps (though
weighting systems can be used too).
?messiahStudio is all the power you?ve wanted, but thought you couldn?t afford.?

Now in its fourth major iteration, messiah features a new
breakthrough hair module, fast and flexible point level animation
control, beautiful glass rendering with dispersion, fast volumetric
designable clouds, advanced Global Illumination options ,new Autorig
module, FBX export and more.

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Ambiera CopperCube 2.2.1 Pro – Amon^Ra

Create 3D for Flash, JavaScript/WebGL or as application!

CopperCube can publish your 3d scenes using Flash or WebGL. And additionally, it can create
standalone Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app programs as well.

Create interactive 3D Scenes for Websites

Create your scene or import your 3D models into the CopperCube 3D editor, set camera controllers,
materials and more, and click ‘publish’.
CopperCube then creates a Flash .SWF file or a WebGL JavaScript/HTML file ready to be published on your website.

Create everything from simple Panoramas to full Games

There is no limit in what can be created with CopperCube. Use the built-in panorama editor to create simple 360 degree
panorama viewers or the free 3d scene mode to create architectural visualizations or even full featured games.

No Programming necessary!

Creating interactive 3D scenes can be done using CopperCube without the need to write one single line of code. There
are even selectable behaviors for artificial intelligence controlled enemies.
But if you want to make your scenes even more interactive, you can script and access everything in the engine
using either ActionScript 3, Squirrel or even JavaScript.

CopperCube is ideal for creating 3D educational programs, architectural visualizations,
military simulations, product configurators, games, e-learning applications and 3D prototypes

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