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GenArts Monsters GT for OFX – Plugins for Nuke, Fusion, Composite, Vegas Pro and Scratch. GenArts Monsters GT provides Nuke, Fusion, Composite, Vegas Pro and Scratch artists with over 50 one-of-a-kind visual effects plug-ins, including physics based particles, fluids, fire, smoke and other natural phenomena, time-based feedback effects using optical flow based motion estimation, and a selection of artistic effects. 
Designed to complement GenArts Sapphire’s industry-standard everyday tools, Monsters GT features GPU acceleration, precise control of effect behavior, and the highest image quality available to maximize your productivity and creativity.
– Greater Creativity – Contains over 50 unique effects including a variety of stunning effects, such as Smoke, Trails, LightLeak, Particles and Fire.- Superior Image Quality – Monsters GT delivers full floating point support that provides the highest image quality possible.- Enhanced Productivity – Features an intuitive user interface providing excellent control as well as GPU acceleration for lightning-fast render speeds.
Monsters GT for OFX features:– Over 50 one-of-a-kind effects, each with many options and parameters that can be adjusted and animated for an unlimited range of effects.- GPU enabled for lightning fast render speeds. NVidia GeForce 200 or 400 series or QuadroFX 5800 or Quadro 5000/6000 graphics card required for maximum performance. Visit our support page or NVIDIA for more information.- Monsters GT uses full floating point for all internal processing, improving quality for many effects.





MAXScript 101 is a digital video-based introductory course for MAXScript, the scripting language in Discreet’s 3ds max and gmax and Autodesk’s VIZ 3D applications, designed and presented by MAXScript’s creator, John Wainwright.

Hyperfocal Skies 2

Size: 996 MB

Hyperfocal Design is pleased to present its second sky texture collection
on DVD, Hyperfocal Skies 2. The textures in this collection were created from
photographs taken in Australia over a 10 month period.

On this DVD you will find three main categories:
– Hemispherical Skies
– Horizons
– Alpha Clouds

The Hemispherical Skies category contains 51 sky textures in various times
of day and weather conditions such as day time/blue sky, clouds, overcast,
night and sunsets. Resolution averages 12000X4000. They are best mapped onto a

The Horizons category contains 11 alpha horizon textures which feature
beaches, hills, snow, suburbs and more. Either merge the horizon
and sky textures in your paint program using the alpha channel as a selection
mask or apply to a 3d cylinder and use the alpha channel for the opacity map.
The alpha channel masks for the horizon textures have been painted in order to
accommodate as much sky variation as possible, however when being used as-is they
will work best with a sky and lighting situation that is most similar to that of
the horizon’s sky conditions. When using significantly different sky conditions,
alter the color/diffuse, gain, levels or curves in either your 2d or 3d package.

The Alpha Clouds category features 3 bonus tiling cloud layers that can be used
to alter existing textures and animated to add movement.
Alter or blur the alpha channel for dense or light cloud cover.
Adjust the diffuse color or RGB channel to change the cloud color.
Animate UV co-ordinates for moving clouds.
Map onto a plane or disc and use a radial gradient mask to blend the tiling sky
into the distance seamlessly.


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