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28 comments on “Quadspinner Tropical Vale

    • WTF you on about get on the forum you lazy bastard and stop demanding like a little kid

      • give ’em some curry IronBoy! Some folks just don’t appreciate the goodness!! And if you actually [u]need[/u] something. You should buy it.

        btw…. THANK YOU! You’re a legend :-)

  1. Ir0nboy, more like pMsboy, if someone is having problems with your files, has a question or would like to get your resource on a different website, just be kind enough to help them out. treat others how you would like to be treated, if you wanted help or hotfile links you would want someone to help you, no matter what you say, if you were in their uneducated shoes you would like the education or help to better understand. dont come back with some clever comment, just be kind to others, we’re all trying to create. dont be an a$$hole

    go get laid or something, Ir0ngirl seems interested

    • All the hotfile links in cgpersia are deadm there is no point to upload something that will be dead in minutes. Next time turn on your brain, first, second he is actually helping all of us uploading and you cant, CANT demand something, he is not your slave.

      • Of course people shouldn?t be demanding when a gift it?s on table, but everybody must be polite anyway! A gift isn?t a reason to be stupid or offensive. If you don?t like obvious questions or common demands, don?t say anything!
        “Here, a candy, now burn in hell madafaka! (hey, I gave you a candy!)”

        • Where ironboy wasn’t polite???
          Let me rephrase your wrong quoting
          Ironboy: Hi everbody do u want a candy?
          A: Yes
          A:Its an apple candy, i don’t like it, do you have strawberry one?
          Ironboy: Nope

          oh and if you are about taking ironboy being not polite for the Rajat post, well i challenge everybody being polite with one who harrass.

          In matter of fact, read better next time or turn on your brain you too.

    • I’m sorry… All I got from your comment was blah blah blah… I’m a whiny little bitch…

      Any time somebody asks, “will you upload to (xyz) server” That is a dumb question which deserves a smart ass comment. The fact is, beggars cannot be choosers. Pay the $10 for a month membership to whatever site the files are uploaded to, or find it somewhere else, or buy the software for a bunch more money. The uploader has already done the favor of posting the software. If it is not on the site you prefer, then that’s your problem.


    if Ir0nboy won’t give you hotfile, maybe you should see, because there it is. This hotfile contains BOTH the Quadspinner files.

  3. For a moment i thought the hotfile had survived
    cause he gave it code name (as everyone should)
    But even then, several dead already.

    I thank you anyway, for i always see you in forum
    all about the good stuff.

    And screw this demanding clueless guys.

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