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18 comments on “ – Complete set of Unity3D Tutorials

  1. thank you lots of links just for premium users , lots of mirror and non of them are depositfile
    thank good i have one premium account and i’m going to make torrent by it for my friends here in CGP

  2. wait a minute there is already one

      • no to si? zarejestruj, to trwa kr?cej ni? wr?cenie na t? stron?, i narzekanie ?e na cgpeers wymagana jest rejestracja

  3. where are these coming from? If is the material available on youtube or other sites is worth to just download it from there, instead than downloading 26 files that requires you to wait 20 min between each other….unless there is a torrent (i do not understand why nobody wanna make torrents for such big files; you just seed for a couple of days if you are so scared; your IP is recorded anyway every time that you upload a file on any of the fileshare sites, so i do not see the problem.)

    btw thanks for putting this together

    • Jesus dude!

      If you don’t like the way the OP uploaded the files, why don’t you just go and view the files on Youtube as you say you can? Instead of whining like a little girlyman that lost her popsicle?

      I for one am grateful for the share, I like the way it’s conveniently all grouped, that I don’t have to hunt these down wherever they may be.
      I don’t mind paying for premium service.. it’s $9 or $10 bucks! Geez! A pizza costs more! So stop your whining and if you don’t like it, don’t download it, simple as that.

      Thanks for the share Teque!

      • awesome answer razorback poifhoIAEHFopiaehFpioaheopifaeoi

        I hate these ignorant people who download everything for free, then come back talking shit … nbs go away as the razorback said, watch on youtube ^^

        galera, preciso do arquivo 14.rar !!! ele esta com problemas
        people need the file .. 14.rar it is corrupted or incomplete! !

  4. My friends,
    First of all thanks for Teque uploud..
    Well I’m very excited about this collection untill I saw them…
    There’s nothing that you by yourself can’t learn just looking the Unity interface.
    But this tutorials…are a piece of junk…made by teenagers.. stoolen easy money..

    • Perhaps not everyone is as intelligent and gifted as you… maybe some need a little push,even if it comes from a teenager… which, by the way has nothing to do with anything. Don’t be an Agist, some of the best stuff comes from teenagers.

  5. Thank you very much, very useful. I agree with the torrent idea by the way.

  6. I can’t extract without password, and I cant see one… Please help…

  7. someone has, Unity Scripting 2D Space Shooter, ’cause the video 6 is incomplete, and missing video 22

  8. galera, preciso do arquivo 14.rar !!! ele esta com problemas
    people need the file .. 14.rar it is corrupted or incomplete! !

    i?m waiting …

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