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10 comments on “Exocortex SlipstreamXV & Furry 2010-2011 32&64 FLUX

  1. it seems the collision doesnt work, if you plug a geometry into collision port it doesnt take into account that geometry,
    is this a half cracked release?

    • i highly doubt it would be summin to do with the crack
      have you tried the demo scenes?

    • sorry that should be emFlock 2. that sounded like Wikus Van De Merwe saying fuck :D

  2. Hey guys,

    Ben here, the founder of Exocortex. Just another quick note: Cracking our software when it is already very low priced really hurts us and our ability to continue making quality software. We are not a big company that makes tens of billions of dollars this year no matter what, we are just a few people trying to make a living doing what we love ? helping artists make the best art they can as quick as they can.

    If you are seriously going to use the software, I would mean a lot to us if you did actually purchase a copy via our website:

    Ben Houston
    Founder of Exocortex

    • Not an XSI user myself but I like your attitude, Ben. Shows some balls to ask for buying the software – in a free for all community. :)

    • I am with you Ben. Not that I don’t pirate software but I really buy the ones I feel deserve it and most importantely as you said: “We are not a big company that makes tens of billions of dollars”
      Support those companies and not the sharks.

  3. Hey guys,

    This version seems to work on 2011 very well but not on 2012…
    Any chance there might be some quick fix for that?

    P.S.: I agree with Ben… unfortunately, sometimes you have to show management how useful this can be in order to get them to approve the purchase… Production work should always be done with the tools you bought, it’s a question of ethics and keeping the industry sustainable… Non commercial copies should be standard though.

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