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15 comments on “Exocortex Momentum 2.0 2010-2012 32&64 FLUX

  1. Hey guys,

    Ben here, the founder of Exocortex. Just another quick note: Cracking our software when it is already very low priced really hurts us and our ability to continue making quality software. We are not a big company that makes tens of billions of dollars this year no matter what, we are just a few people trying to make a living doing what we love — helping artists make the best art they can as quick as they can.

    If you are seriously going to use the software, I would mean a lot to us if you did actually purchase a copy via our website:

    Ben Houston
    Founder of Exocortex

    • hey Ben, i understand your concerns but we are mostly students who are trying to learn 3D and we are broke like a fuck. for example im a 3rd world country student and cannot pay 400 bucks for a software. However if i can ever have the chance to use ur software in a commercial project i promise to buy the software.

      I can here you saying “there is a trial” but 2 weeks is just not enough man!! you can just distribute a free educational license like autodesk perhaps.

    • “If you are seriously going to use the software”
      Do not worry most are not and they will not buy the software anyway and if
      they were going to, they would have done already.

  2. >Ben Houston says:
    >2011/03/16 at 6:47 AM
    >Ben here, the founder of Exocortex.
    >If you are seriously going to use the software, I would mean a lot to us if >you did actually purchase a copy via our website:

    Do not worry Ben,
    -99,5% of downloaders here are just compulsive collectors, they will store it somewhere, and wait for new freebie to download and forget about it.
    -0,4% of downloaders will actually try it for home experiments, and if it is good, they will spread the good word via youtube/vimeo video show off, explaining how it is done, and making tutorials of cool stuff – so they will actually do you a favor!
    -0,1% may use it even for commercial purpose, but at least half of them will eventually buy the stuff because of the potential law revision of their company.
    So it remains a mere 0,5% of potentially harmful unsolicited users, but they will probably get the stuff aside the cgp, and they are minors.
    I personally know guys from chaos soft, ant they have been pirated for years.
    But it did not really hurt them that bad, considering the above facts.
    Just do the good job, and it WILL pay for itself thro spreading the good word.

    • 110% right… Ben, you don’t make music, you don’t make games, there’s no need to concern about ‘people craking you softwares’… as “To Ben” said, these kind of people are kind of doing a favor to you… THEY will built cool tutorials, THEY will test and see what YOUR softwares can actually do and those whom really need your products to make a living will BUY it…
      So, think about it this way:
      -Cracked software = Testing at home, building a tutorial, building a portifolio…
      -Purchased software = Commercial Purpose, using at work… A company won’t use any pirate software for a real job, trust your costumers… I mean, US =]

      by the way, nice job ! the Momentum 2.0 is amazing !

  3. I am one of those! Just as an example, I download the VUE since version 5 and I’ve never used :P :P

    • nice lol.. mee too.. downloaded more than 2TB from here & never use it.. lol again…

  4. If the cost was approximately 40-50 USD, many people could buy it. 150 USD is a high cost, as for me.

  5. This isn’t the full version anyway. Several things are missing (like momentum cloth) and many of the samples are useless because of that. The toolbar, compared to the various tutorials available online lacks several things too.

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