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62 comments on “Gn0mon M4ster Cl4ss 2O11 FULL!

  1. obviously is regularly checking out CGpersia.
    how about private links, oblique ?

  2. Nice job gnomon, deleting links to unavailable items.

    Reupping a good 10 times to keep links up.

  3. I love you Oblique hihihih!

    Can you Re-Upload in Easyshare also?


  4. Oblique you are doing brilliant, doesn’t matter what you upload it in, i’ll probably buy a premium on the host it if i haven’t got premium already.


    are all good to me

    thanks. :)

    • Damn I’ve found about 8 different mirrors on different sites, all dead…these guys are good at taking this shit down =/

      • I keep telling you guys, THERE’S A MOLE, someone regularly checking this site. It’s a well known fact that even well known artists use warez, some have even been caught red handed with link to warez sites and ‘cracks’ on their systems while moving through folders during their commercially available tutorials…

        Anyone have a Torrent link for this?

  5. No worries Oblique, everyone here apprieciates it. thanks again for this.

  6. oblique.. posting the links in d open like this surely will wasting your time uploading it, after there discovered only in few minutes they deleted it.. i suggest private email to who wants the links or torrent

  7. Yeah, Gnomon is VERY on the ball when it comes to these posts. My hat’s off to them for keeping up with the times. Their school looks amazing and I want them to keep around.

    That being said, a torrent is really the only option for this. =P

    • yeah, but in this case, i mean Gnomon-wise, seeing what they do to links a few mins after publishing, I wouldn’t trust a torrent even if it was my last option ^^

      • Torrents are now encrypted, so torrents are probably just as trust worthy now.

        • o, for real? i remember times they could be tracked and police was making quite a few arrests doing this very thing… then again, i switched to rapidshare and then hotfile over two years ago, so im not up to date with current news, i’ll trust you then ^^ ty for the info, wil be useful :)

          and also, in that case, sorry for misleading.

  8. heh… good thing i paid for these… btw, the vids are only a small part of the enormous experience that was this year’s GMC. I myself learned the most from the forums from the teachers themselves… $275 was not that much, especially for Gnomon standards, and it was my last money, but it was sooo worth it…
    I understand wanting this for free, a word of advice tho, next time, try it out. It really was the greatest learning experience I’ve had.

    And no, im not paid by Gnomon to say this shit ^^

    • Trust me, most of us would love to be able to learn at Gnomon, but we simply just can’t afford it. As soon as I get around 215-300, I think of being able to pay my bills for another month…So as a student, wanting to do what I love for a living, having these for free definitely helps.

      • I think EVERYONE would pay for these if they could afford them.
        Times are difficult I don’t blame anyone for getting what they can, when they can for free… Besides there are so many ways of obtaining revenue on a website, links, banners, advertising in general. I sustain that knowledge should always be free.

        • ‘I sustain that knowledge should always be free’

          I would love to agree with you, but knowledge comes at a price and that price is time.

          You wouldn’t want to get your dream job at Double Negative, ILM or Pixar and discover you weren’t gong to get paid a fucking bean for your time would you? Believe me, the novelty would soon ware off.

          Knowledge costs because it is an investment of someones time. Probably the most valuable commodity humans have. Rip these guys off by all means but please don’t proclaim that this shit should be free. Alex Alvarez and Papa Giorgio have got to feed their kids somehow. Maybe someday you will too.

  9. Gn?m?n ??st?r ?l?ss 2011 – ?nvir?nm?nt Lighting & ?r?gr?ssiv? R?nd?ring.

    • can you post me PM-links into ifolder. the upper links were deleted right in the middle of my downloading. thanks

  10. PM Me on the forum for links. Only one copy uploaded atm, will publicly release once i get 30-40 mirrors.

  11. Thanks for this upload,but links dead.Plz give some torrent link.

  12. cmon!! we want to educate but we have no money!! dont be a selfish and upload this shit

  13. Thaaaaaaaaaanks for torrents.
    RS would be better, but thanks anyway.

  14. Boss (Oblique) keep it up. il uplo some things to il got a lot of tuts.

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