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23 comments on “Making of 3D Sportcar Tutorial

  1. Thanks for sharing, but MEGAUPLOAD pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or CGPEERS, can anyone do that please?

  2. Well I’m glad you know WTF you’re talking about…because the rest of us don’t!

  3. I do not know why the links are always from the sames companies there was a time were the link were from rapidshare, megaupload etc and now you cannot find them easily, that is sad..

  4. Guy’s if your wondering why the Bitsare links are not working propoerly you have to add “www.” into the adress and then they’ll work.

    • Sorry for this…

  5. Anychhance of a torrent file, such as CGPEERS????

    Many thanks! :)

  6. Ignore the above comment…..just looked for it on CGPEERS and hey presto, has been up for a while! Whoops!!

  7. This thing sounds real interesting…

    Does it have the final mesh in it? And textures too… ?

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