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13 comments on “Vue Atmo/Cloud pack

  1. Ditch Hotfile, it is mad slow.

    Fileserve seems to be the fastest and keep files the longest.

  2. Bitshare works best here in Shanghai, fast and clean. Fileserve is just so-so.

  3. Bitshare is fast…gets my vote….thanks for the share.
    Fileshare and Filesonic always giving me ‘fake’ errors
    about downloading one at a time or captcha problems
    even on a ‘fresh install’ machine – so I know its bull.

  4. i say ditch hotfile and stick with bitshare, hotfile’s 30 minute wait period was extremely annoying

  5. Why the links? none of them work for me, why not use hotfile when the majority of the files you upload are below 200mb?

  6. Using, Fileserve and Filesonic work well.
    Bitshare always comes up “We have a problem on our server. Please try again later”.
    I have no idea whether that refers to Bitshare’s server or’s server; but no matter how much later you try, there’s no joy………..
    Hotfile has gone “super-legal” and diligently removes anything deemed breach of copyright; so, basically, HF is useless.
    Thanks for the share………..

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