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50 comments on “RayFire Tool plugin 1.55 for 3ds Max 9 ? 2012

    • We’ve got a search engine called Google, please do some reseach dude..

  1. It doesn’t work I installed this software and there is no way to make explosion or cool effect like the one in the picture. I can’t found the “make explosion” button or whatever it’s called.

    • I think you dont have idea for what this plugin is used, there is no such software where you can click on 1 button to make great explosions.

    • This plugin onl? good for fragmentation, for simulation it’s suck. The picture on title is wrong. In “2012” production company used Volume breaker and Thinking particles.

      • Same here, physics is totally messed up in this version. Weird physical mesh offsets and playback issues. 2011 works better

        • If you have possibility to use Pflow box2 its much more controllable and flexible solution for simulation with Physix. Rayfire simulation is like deleted havok engine – simulate with no brain.

  2. It asks me to extract Patch.rar in a folder, but that .rar doesn?t comes included in the dowload.

  3. Not for max 9, people forget 9 and 2009 are not the same, the included files start with 2009.

  4. That shit does n?t work , no explosions, no demolition just a lot of buttons with abstract actions like time range WTF it’snt able to explode a simple cube

  5. Where is the “patch.rar” ? which is described in install.txt


  7. 170MB????!!! What the? Is this a joke or can somebody explain me what explodes this plugin from 10Mb to 170b?

  8. Hi fellas. Im gonna clear out some misunderstandings. Firstly Rayfire Tools is working properly and Ive used it in production successfully. Secondly you must know that not everything could be found in searching engines. And thirdly if you have any question about it feel free to contact me. PS. I have rayfire for Max 2011-12 in full. Regards to all

      • i have a error when i simulation.what i wil do to fix this problem

        unknow propety:?clear invalidnodes?in undefined

  9. the Demolishing is not working in 3s max 2012 version, any trick for that?

  10. hi everyone

    i have rayfire for max2011 and i have one problem in phusX options the play button is not working.
    i have max2011 and rayfire 1.55
    anyone help me

  11. i have a error when i simulation.what i wil do to fix this problem

    unknow propety:”clear invalidnodes”in undefined

  12. hey i use 3dsmax 2012, downloaded this and i can’t use the demolish-feature. how to fix?

  13. Thank you very much, rayfire blow havoc and reactor to fucking pieces

  14. Hi please provide Physx plugin for 32 bit and remove tutorials from the archive and please provide a Patch.rar file………………Plz

  15. Please Can You Give Me RayFire Tool v1.5 3ds max 2011 32 bit Serial Id Or Keygen Please

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