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19 comments on “Gnomon Workshop – The Art of ?PULSE? Designing Futuristic Racing Vehicles

  1. you are ruining their market. Can’t you guys see why they are barely making any videos!!? It’s because of people like you. At least have some respect and make the dvd available after 4 or 6 months. At least those who are eager to buy it wont have any suspicion this dvd will be available too soon.

    • Charging $50+ per lesson is what’s ridiculous. I have purchased several of their DVDs from their school in CA, and yes they are good lessons, but I feel ripped off when I pay $70 for one DVD.

      • again, I didn’t say don’t make it available. I said give them some time to get some benefits and later make it available to the rest. At least play fair game. The role the pirates are doing now is > make them lose everything which eventually will make us lose everything with them. My friend this dvd has been out for how long one or two days!? Have some respect, will ya!!!????

    • What are you doing here then?
      If this were a website that care for those who loose money then probably dont exist at all ?__o

        • it’s not hard to comprehend ,here we are talking about world not CA or LA there are lots of people will pay for this stuff and their company is not going to ruin.we are talking about education there must be equal chance for everybody in whole world to learn and that’s the reason lots of forum and website sharing their knowledge. if you can afford to pay for it then much better, let other people learn what you learned.

    • What you fail to understand is those who are downloading these DVD’s most likey would not purchase them anyways.

      Therefore they are not losing any market share, because it was never in the pirates mind to purchase legitimately, in the first place.

      This applies to all things, both digitally and physical. Girl with the knockoff purse, guy with the replica Rolex, and homeowner with replica Eames furniture. If they werent ever going to buy the real thing, Gnomon, Rolex, Gucci, Herman Miller never lost a customer. Because they never were one to begin with.

      • You are right, but in my case i found Gnomonworkshop via torrents, underground sites etc. And i honestly want to subscribe (read: pay for year access for all tutorials) as soon as my income make it possible. Cause in my opinion GW is the best tutorials in the market .
        So.. CGPersia is like advertiser to me. Best demonstration. I never buy a pig in a poke. Thanks 4 that CGP!

      • I’m sorry but you are wrong. I was once a buyer of those dvds. I spent quite a lot of money to have every dvd I really needed. Now all the dvds are residing in my hard drive but never accessed. I became an addict to downloading free dvds and I’m sure many are exactly the same. I’m not saying this didn’t help me produce good work but it made me a different person dealing with those stuff I have in my HDD. but again in my first comment I said it clearly, give those people some time to revenue from their crop and then let it out to everyone. This is my pitiful desire to help them get better market situation. Those people worked hard to make the market different. They effectively made many well informed in 3d world. I know their dvds are way expensive for most peoples tastes but do you know how expensive is CA!? At the end I know that if cgpersia didn’t make it the rest of the forums will do. So, I guess there is no point on my comments ;P

  2. So, these Gnomon guys are not using the integrated renderer of Modo ? Interesting.

  3. Very simple, if you have money for invest, buy it! Totally worth it.
    You’ll push them to always make fantastic cg workshops. I have a lot of original stuffs GW and DT, because they are brilliant professionals and give for us amazing skills and knowledge for our work, they deserve a little respect, so, worth it invest every penny!

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