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36 comments on “SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro v. For 3DsMAX

  1. v.

  2. it’s necessary to uninstall old version or i can just modify it?

  3. Hey Cheshear_CAT (or anyone who’s got this working),
    Sorry to bother you pals, but how does this come into max after install. I am unable to see the materials to use them.
    Where does it go? and how to get it?

  4. if the link is broken the later ? downloaded this scripts and save my computer you can contact me and send me e mail. and ? will share this scripts

    • Sure, if new versions of Cinema4D can read and interprete MaxScripts.

  5. damn…. its like max gets all the good stuff, and maya is left in the dark. WTF is goin on??

    • you can convert the materials via a vrscene or fbx object from 3ds max to maya

  6. hello fellows,

    I’ve got the same prob as garam masala:
    “how does this come into max after install. I am unable to see the materials to use them. Where does it go? and how to get it?”

    I cannot add anything like “siger” or “siger shader” to my interface. Maybe it only works with a former installed older version?

    Anybody a hint?

  7. Attn; Fribushl, Garlam.
    Had the same problem yesterday, spent a few hours ,found
    a way of installing in Max 2012.
    In the download there is a read me with instructions, install
    to the version of Max and in the location it (Max) is installed.
    (I had two versions was installing in one and trying to work in another.)
    1.Open Max
    2. At top of menu select Customize
    3. Select Customize User interface
    4. Select tab that says Toolbars.
    5 You will see a scroll down window under the tab Main Ui (on the left)
    6.Scroll down to the command V-ray Material Presets Pro 25.
    ( you will only see this if you installed correctly)
    7. Go to right hand side of the menu and you will see a second
    section called animation layers click New and name it.
    8. Drag the file on the left that says V-Ray Material Presets Pro 25
    on to the new toolbar you have created.
    9.The new “floating toolbar” will appear with your vray command
    on it.
    10.Double click and plug in will open.
    11. You have to go to options to direct it to the libraries.
    (Helps to put the libraries in the root directory with a short
    name (c/vmm)
    12. I would think there are other ways,but after about three
    frustrating hours settled for this.
    Hope it helps someone.

    • really nice of you to help but you shouldn’t mention that you spend 3 hours on this basic stuff. thats a common procedure.

      • that is why you guys here are so ridiculous. you ruin the work of the developer and don’t know how to use this great piece of software. you don’t know the easiest thing in max and collect and spread stuff. this is really poor.

        • Only common practice if you are used to it.
          To us new kids, it is a new procedure.
          Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. wood flooring missing…few material are missing which is there in version 2.0…

  9. 100% working! Need to Repair Setup.exe after unrar, then all fine. No need to unnistall old version (2.1 b in Max Desing 2012 x64), Great Job!

  10. Mine says ‘not registered’ and assign material to field is blacked out

  11. nvm problem was previous version’s button interfering with adding this one’s

  12. Help me Plz. i don’t know is it? I can’t use some texture in sigersheaders [Error picture][Not show Texture Picture]

    I install same pdf file. After install i start max and do same pdf file /customize/user interface and bah bah to set hot key/open sigersheaders/option/and set VMPP map in C:/VMPP/map(i copy it to drive C before start max] After i set option same pdf file i will use PARQUET it error same picture and i check other texture some texture error or not show texture

    [My spec]
    Windows7 32bit
    CPU: Intel Q9550 2.83Ghz
    RAM: 8G
    Mainboard: Asus P5QPRO
    Graphic Card: ATI Redeon 4870×2

    3D Max2012 32bit

    What i should do it. Thank for read and Sorry I’am novice

  13. [Mirror picture link] [error picture] [Not show texture]


  14. I have the same problem and can not find the solution. 3DSMax 2009 SP1 Vray 2.10. The maps marked “DiffMap” “RefMap”; … situation and the reference file jpg. Any ideas?

  15. hello everyone. i have problem i think most of users has same problem install correctly and when apply these presets apply to object texture missing. Any experience user make video and send us link
    1. how to install
    2. how to use
    3. texture missing problem
    thanks so much i hope somone do this job Thanksssssssssssssssssssss so much in Advance.

  16. i having a serious issue here, i use a dell xps 15z but after installing the VMPP 2.5, i can see the material preview icons on the interface. look like the tabs took up all the space, neither can i extend the VMPP window to accommodate. help needed, how can know what material i”m picking if i can see the preview?

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