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Lynda – Modeling Characters in CINEMA 4D with Christopher Broeska
Learn how to model realistic 3D characters with the powerful and flexible modeling toolset in CINEMA 4D. Chris Broeska shows you how to use a basic front and side template and create basic shapes with NURBs Lofts and Sweeps
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Sculpting Female Torsos in ZBrush

Duration 2h 3m Level Advanced Project Files Included ?15 FPS MP4

In this series of tutorials we will study the differences between male and female anatomy, particularly the torso.?This advanced tutorial will cover all of the major pitfalls of sculpting female anatomy and how to avoid them. We will cover breast placement, the shape of the pelvis area, parts that get overlooked such as the connection of the neck to the clavicle, among other things.?By the end of this tutorial you should be more than ready to start doing your own female anatomy studies.






Premiere Pro and After Effects: Adding Handle to Sound Bites with Chris Meyer
Whether you’re editing a documentary film, a TV commercial, or a corporate video, you often need to focus on a specific sentence or phrase that’s part of a longer, perhaps unscripted statement. However, the speaker doesn’t always leave you enough room between phrases to cleanly extract the desired segment
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