21 comments on “Nextlimit Maxwell Renderer Win/Mac

  1. Thank?s, can anyone please up the Maxwell-Plugin for Cinema 4D R16 Win?

    • Nothing has been easy
      At least, you should find the username of the post.

  2. The forum is much better set up and easier to download with a single fast mega link and the password included.

    Also, I see Nitroflare has gone over to the dark side. Fuck them, they’re assholes.

  3. i searched for the password, and it is : f160f114b7aec1eff01792a118cf84d9397f9784
    for those who need it

  4. Thanks Roberto for the pass.

    From the readme for Mac:
    “You are the apple operator… you should know how it works?”

    Yes, I know how it works, but this is a terrible attitude.

    And not even a clue as to who cracked it and wrote this garbage.

  5. How to get this working on OSX?

    I replaced libmx_common.dylib in Applications/Maxwell 3 folder, and copied maxwell.lic to user’s Maxwell folder, but that don’t work. Any ideas? Thanks.

  6. read damn text!! create “rlm” folder in root of your c disc, pla ce “maxwell.lic” inside that folder
    .Add enviromental variable and that s it

  7. Is it possible to up the Photoshop Plugin please?
    Thanks and Greets.

  8. Is it possible to up the 3dmax plugin conection, please? thanks for your work

  9. Using OS X Mavericks. Mac version refuses to activate. I renamed maxwell.lic to maxwell_license.lic – Maxwell finds it but says:

    ERROR: – Error getting license, returned code : Bad signature in license
    ERROR: – Maxwell has no valid license.

    Can you provide proper crack or license for Mac version of Maxwell 3.1.1?
    Maya plugin from here also roaring on bad license.

  10. I do not understand why I can not install maxwell. When I start to render a rhinoceros tells me that I have no license. Can someone help me? I made many tests and I absolutely need this program.

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