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19 comments on “The Foundry MODO 901 with Content WIN/Mac/LIN

  1. Thanks so much to the people who post things here cause I cant download torrents thank you diptra

    • Downloading 400mb files @ 50-60 kbps is a waste of time, (Unless you’ve got dialup/DSL) as these fuckin’ file sites are fucked by design, and in no way is this directed at the uploader, who worked hard to upload these files. Thanks anyways, the hunt continues.

    • The Amon^Ra keygen works for MAC and Linux version. Just open it with Wine.

  2. rapidgator has 2 parts 2’s for OSX
    tried renamimg but get error when trying to expand

  3. For those who downloaded and installed Modo, when you started it, did you get the “install license” window or not? I did, and I am wondering if I perhaps did a step wrong.

  4. Nvm. Imma dummy. Works well.

    BTW I am working on Windows.

    Cheers, y’all.

  5. Could we please have the habit of posting keygens separately? (also, thumbs up on posting the alternative keygen separately)

  6. When I try & run this, I get a ‘install licence’ window pop up! I’m on a Mac, I have the crack from Amon^Ra, but after running the crack succesfully, it won’t run! Can someone tell me please what I’m doing wrong!

  7. For those who are getting the option to install the license, click install from CD, and simply browse to the folder where the keygen saved it, then you’re finished!

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