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18 comments on “SolidAngle C4D to Arnold v1.0.8.0 R15-R17 Win Mac

  1. Installing it in OS X:
    1. Go here
    2. Download there the Arnold license server. Click it and it’s down the page.
    3. Extract the downloaded RLM archive to your computer. Anywhere you like.
    4. Copy everything from ‘cracked stuff’ folder to replace the originals in ram server folder.
    5. chmod +x rlm and rlmutil
    6. chmod 755 them both
    7. Download from this file ‘com.solidangle.rlm.plist’
    8. There change the paths to your rlm, solidangle.lic. Save it to somewhere and chown root:wheel it then chmod 644 it.
    9. Copy it to /Library/LaunchDaemons/
    10. sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemon/com.solidangle.rlm.plist
    11. Launch Cinema 4D, go to Plugins>C4DtoA>Help>Licensing. There you’ll see your MAC address, copy it.
    12. Open solidangle.lic and change ANY in hosted to your copied MAC. Save.
    13. In Licensing window choose your modified .lic file and hit Install.

    Should work. For me all the Arnold watermarks disappeared. Good luck.

    • *replace the originals in ram server folder. – rlm folder. Sorry.

    • Hello Atikin,

      do you have Maxwell Render 3.2 installed on your computer? Because I am unable to activate it. Maybe I need to do some similar procedure like with Arnold? Can you help me with that to?

      Many thanks. :)

      • No, I don’t have it. Sorry.

        Check this out


        May be there’s anything useful. There are ways for node locked and floating licensing. I don’t think that would be any harder to license it through rlm if you already have it running. I guess you need to correct your .lic file with your hostid and install it in Maxwell.

        It’s only my guess, because I didn’t see the way the licensing in Maxwell works.

        • After 1 h of trail and error I have it working. Yes!!! :) Many thanks for your directions.

  2. Hi Atikin,

    I have a problem with (chmod) (755) (644)… I don’t have so much experience with commands and terminal..

    please.. Could you give a brief explanation of the steps to perform these actions?

    I would be very grateful!

    • It’s that simple:
      open Terminal app, type there ‘chmod 755’, for example, make a space after 755 then drag and drop the file you need to change mode of right to the Terminal window. In case it says you don’t have permission to do that, then use this way ‘sudo chmod 755 /blah/blah/blah.blah’. It will ask you for your Administrator password – type in and that’s it.

  3. Can anyone explain how to correctly install the Arnold?
    A small tutorial please !!!

    Thanks !!!!

    • It installs itself by use of installer, you don’t need any tutorial to click the installer. Then go through the steps described before.

  4. Does anyone know how properly installed on windows?

    Any tutorial?


    Thank you!!

  5. Im very sorry but step 5,6,8 and maybe 10 are just chinese for people like me who have no experience with that kind of stuff.

    For example in step 5:
    chmod +x rlm and rlmutil

    i opened the terminal and now what? Type “chmod +x rlm and rlmutil” and press Enter? Or Type only “chmod +x ” and then drag and drop both files in it and then press Enter??

    Can someone translate these 4 steps please?

  6. hi, i’ve installed arnold but c4d doesn’t start: when loading plugin it doesn’t go on. it coninues to load without succes.
    windows 10 c4d r17

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