4 comments on “Solid Angle Maya to Arnold v2.0.0.1 Maya 2015 – 2017 Win/Mac/Lnx

  1. Amped cracks Sucks ..It does not work!.. the ARNOLD water mark is still in it.

  2. 0) after install mtoa (to C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2017 ) , copy everything from crack folder ‘solidangle_rlm_win’ to C:\rlm
    0.5) MOVE solidangle_client.lic
    1) solidangle_client.lic must be in folder mtoadeploy\2017\bin. NOT in C:\rlm
    1.5) solidangle.lic must be in C:\rlm
    2) open both .lic files with notepad and change 1st line to HOST localhost ANY 5056 (or you can change port number to 5060 for example)
    3) open maya, install solidangle_client.lic in arnold options licensing.
    4) maybe restart maya and start rlm.exe in C:\rlm . It have to be something like on picture
    5) make sure no one service named RLM-solidangle processing in task manager. search to something like it.
    6) make sure internet connected. If not, it will not batch render
    7) if still watermarked try to play with firewall.

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