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    • I’d also like the option of Uploaded.to or Rapidgator, please.

      • they have all already been uploaded on RG and upload and NF this is a backup archive that i can keep active, i’m not uploading it all again to same servers so if you check original rls and it’s not alive you have this as another option

        • Hey dip i need 2 course from Digital Tutors can u upload it for me? hers the link of a Courses – Compositing Stereoscopic Images in NUKE and Advanced Stereo Workflows in NUKE: Disparity. one of the course is available here but no seeds and i want both i will seed it for years if needed thanks

  1. All deleted… can it be reuploaded? I just bought an account for this.

      • Why not use Mega? Or others hosts more practical?
        I will never understand…

        • thats why i’m on the site making the posts and your there moaning. Mega would close the account within a day posting here. doh

  2. Looking forward to June 2016 releases. Thank you for the reupload Diptra!

  3. Would someone kindly point me in the right direction for the torrents? haven’t been able to find them yet on peers

    • use the post on blog then copy the file name to find what you want, RG allows you to sort titles if you click file name

  4. The Ultimate Introduction to V-Ray for 3ds Max
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip
    Please Dip

  5. Amazing!
    February 2016
    PtColCorrGradPremiereProSpeedGrade part 4… is missing???

  6. I only need part 5 from this post >>> https://cgpersia.com/2014/03/digital-tutors-creating-an-abstract-forest-entity-using-krakatoa-in-maya-and-fusion-39843.html

    can you please upload it…. only part 5

  7. hi Arshad !
    any luck for : [MOGRAPH] The Ultimate Introduction to V-Ray for 3ds Max ?

  8. Thank you very much Diptra for this awesome collection.. Can you kindly share the Digital Tutors collection for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Though they are too old still they had some awesome tutorials which we need. as for example fro Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.
    I had searched on cgpeers they are all there but no seeders.
    Please share those collections too.

  9. Digital Tutors ? Creating Photo Inspired Vector Artwork in Illustrator – part 6 is missing, please reupload it Alfafile. Highly appreciated when you grant it. Thank you.

  10. https://rapidgator.net/folder/4230778/CGPAPR2017L.html

    After effects Puppet Pin tools the Second File is Missing

  11. Diptera Can you kindly upload

    1. Digital Tutors – Compositing 3D Text and Live Action with CINEWARE in After Effects and CINEMA 4D

    2.Digital Tutors – Bringing Photographs to Life with 3D Layering in After Effects

    They are there in cgpeers torrent but no active seeders are there.

    lease kindly upload

  12. Please Does anyone have:

    Digital Tutors: Creature Rigging in Maya ? Insects
    Digital Tutors: Animating Creatures in Maya- Insects

  13. Someone can tell me why in RapidGator archive pages there are always one or two missing packet’s links…if u don’t find missing packages on the other platforms (with slow dl rate if u have an RG account, that means hours and hours of dl at 30Kb/s)

    Can anybody PLEASE check all RG’s archive pages and add missing links?
    Ex: in Dec 2016 page of this archive, PtCreatingRealisticVegFoliageXGenRenderMan part03 and part05 links are missing

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