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4 comments on “PeregrineLabs Yeti 3.1.3 Maya 2018 Win/Lnx

  1. It works fine you’re just not installing it properly

    User from forum said this

    Here the mel code to put in the “userSetup.mel”

    python(“import subprocess; subprocess.Popen(‘C:/rlm/rlm.exe’, shell=True)”);

    with that when you start maya, the rlm start automatically.

    if you don’t have this file:
    -create a userSetup.txt in the maya’s script folder
    -paste in the code and save it
    -change the extension from txt to mel

    regarding the node editor error:
    -before run the node editor you must run the rlm
    -check the path in the pgYetimaya.mod (open it with “wordPad”)

    I use maya 2018.2 and all works fine

    • Hi~
      I’ve tried everything u said, but yet it was not working. The rlm is running and the path in .mod files are correct as well. I have gotten Yeti 2.2.1 to work previously so I was kinda referencing everything from the previous version when trying to get tis one to work. Nothing seems to be out of place yet, the invalid license signature warning shows up and Yeti graph doesnt show.

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