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  1. sorry to be a beggar, but i’m also looking everywhere for the latest version of auto rig pro for blender

  2. unfortunately it doesn’t work, it tells me to activate the Key once installed on Maya! but the Key is not there

    • It does work, it just don’t work for you :) Your not installing it properly.

      • thanks Dipra for replying! unfortunately I tried to install it with the present Setup, but on maya it asks me for the activation key! and the text inside the txt file. I don’t know what it’s for! thanks for your time i hope you can help me!

         have a nice day

            • Hi John.. Use the Python editor inside Maya (Open the MEL interface). Paste the entire plugin code and use the mouse right button to execute the lines, Ikmax serial will be shown on top.

  3. Hi, please how can activate by the text inside the txt file.. thank you

  4. Hey Diptra,

    When you have a moment can you check out this thread?



  5. how to activite IKMAX can any one tell me in text file python keygen how to use in maya for active IKMAX plz tell me

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