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  1. We ain’t leaving max anytime soon! Max has all we need so no need for this plug.

  2. If you dont know why we need this is why you are were you are. Thank you Diptra. Waited long time for something like this with Vray. Have tried others and the’ve been mmmm.

  3. Where put the M2M_KG file ? I put it in plug-ins Maya directory, but when i click in the menu, it’s asking me the serial in Maya :(

  4. The same as Sebi90, needing an activation serial .. we have to pay..

  5. In short, like this:
    they don’t write anywhere how to install a pirated version, except for some Chinese site with hieroglyphs. But there are pictures there and I have long recorded the sequence of actions :-)
    MaxToC4D copy to:
    C: \ Program Files \ Maxon Cinema 4D R21 \ plugins

    To 3DsMax Folder
    MaxToC4D copy to:
    C: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2021 \ Plugins

    Open Cinema4D
    We climb into:
    script / execute script
    point to the script:

    Open the script console, copy the serial from there.
    Open the MaxToC4D plug-in window from the interface and insert the serial.

    • Hello, it does not work because when you start the script console and try to connect to the page, they tell you that you must have a subscription despite having a login code that comes with the plugin, it asks for data and account information.
      I followed all the steps but it doesn’t work …

  6. Asking for Serial in Maya how can I install Serial? Some one please help please.

    • Please ignore this comment I’ve figured out how to do it.

      BTW if some one also confused like me copy the whole content from run the M2M_KG.py file in any python compiler. I used Nuke as it contains python compiler in script editor

      • Can you splane well this how can I can install the serial number on Maya?

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