5 comments on “Udemy – Unity Tutorial Collection

  1. Hi! Awesome upload :)
    Btw the file “UdemyTheCompleteUnityGameDevelopmentCourse.part08.rar” is missing in Bytesbox Folder. Can you please add it. Thanks!

    • Not only that one is missing on bytesbox folder:


      -UdemyUnity2019Makea3dsurvivalgame part08 – part03 (both included)

      these all missing too.

      Could you also upload them ? Thanks !!

    • I’ve got it anyways. To those who are concerned, I have uploaded it to Bytesbox -> https://bit.ly/37GrtkE

      • Thanks pennywise !

        I´m on the way to do the same with the rest of missing files.
        I´ll post here when I have them ready

  2. Part of missing files from Udemy – Unity2019 Make a 3d survival game uploaded to Bytexbox:



    Unable to upload more for 10GB limitation of available space.
    Please, anyone feel free to help uploading the rest of missing files to Bytesbox. Thanks.

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