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  1. Let us know if you install it ok, seems fine but different things for different people :)

    • This is working fine, thanks again Dip! Cheers buddy. Also can we expect some more of cgma course in near future bud? just curious ;)

    • Unfortunatly it does’t works! Same message on savings: sorry zbrush is unable to complete this function due to a incomplete install… and crash!

      • @Marco Barca
        Did you follow the EXACT instructions? Did you uninstall everything and then install the fixed version? Are you sure you downloaded the right files? You only need to download the 2021.6.2 V2 files, they contain everything you need. So far I haven’t had any issues over multiple sessions.

        • Yes, I have uninstall evthing and then install the 4 part unzipped files (plus the 3 parts files for update) Now I have 7 zip files: 4 part and 3 parts for update…
          I blocked the zbrush.exe in windows firewall.
          It works only if I modify the date at 3/8/2021… :((

        • I was installing the 3 update files… :))) !
          Now it works. Great.

          • @Marco Barca
            Glad that it’s working for you! I also blocked the license manager through my firewall, not sure if that’s necessary.

  2. Amazing thank you so much Diptra! Will test it out tonight, for me the previous version crashed when saving manually and when quick save got triggered, the runasdate fix only worked for a while unfortunately. Excited to try this out!

  3. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the entire program or is ok to just download and run the “update only” file on the previous installation folder?

    • I uninstalled everything and followed the instructions to a tee, I didn’t want to risk anything, so far it’s working really well, no crashes for 6 hours or so.

      • Definitely the best approach, I was having issues loading the software, full uninstall\reinstall sorted this problem. now able to open\run\use without any errors\crashes.

        thanks, Diptra – Legend

    • Just get 2021.6.2 V2, that’s all you need, it includes 2021.5 and the 2021.6.2 update and crack.

  4. Hi guys, thank you for the updated version, I can confirm that the program works perfectly.
    Thank you again

  5. to those who already installed this, would like to ask if the problem where zbrush closes due to incomplete installation was fixed, thank you :) already downloading it but the download speed limitation is killing me :'(

    • Yes, it’s fixed! Remember to follow the instructions precisely, use your firewall to block zbrush.exe and the license manager.

      • yea i did blocked the firewall on the previous version but no luck got the same error after an hour. one last thing the one that i should download is the one named 2021.6.2v2 (4 files) right? TIA :)

        • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, uninstall any previous version of ZBrush, get 2021.6.2 V2, it contains all the files you need (base 2021.5 installer + 2021.6.2 V2 upgrade), you don’t need anything else.

          • Are updates 6.3 and 6.4 important? What do they add to Zbrush?

            Thank you!

  6. Even though it took me whole night to download this but now it’s finally working. Thank you so much.

  7. Downloaded .6.4, seems to not function properly and has been crashing even though I had set the file to read-only. Has anyone else been having issues?

    • Same here, it crashed when I tried to save ztool. hopefully fix will come

    • Yeah, both .6.3 and .6.4 crashed for me when trying to save a ztool. I had to revert to .6.2 to get saving to work correctly again.

  8. Just follow the read me file.

    Block using a firewall.

    ZBrush checks time of GoZ_Config.txt editing time.
    Set the following file for Read only in file properties:


    6.3 and 6.4 working without issue for me.

    • Yeah, I set that file read only when I was using 6.3 and 6.4. It worked for a day or two, then saving ztools would crash the program every time. My guess would be that there is maybe more files than GoZ_Config.txt that ZBrush is checking.

      Reverted to 6.2 clean install and it’s working fine even without setting that file to read only. Think I will wait and see if there is a v2 fix like there was for 6.2. I don’t want to update to 6.4 and find out I have to do a clean install back to 6.2 again.

      Also curious, what file and program are using to block with firewall? I’m just blocking the zbrush.exe file with a Windows 10 firewall inbound rule, but I’m wondering if that’s the correct way to block it or not, and if I need to block more than just zbrush.exe.

  9. you have to block outbound and inbound, this is why it’s crashing…

    I just default windows firewall no special sauce here.

    • OK, I just updated to 6.4 from a clean 6.2 install. I made sure to block both zbrush and license manager exes both inbound and outbound. I also made the GoZ file read only. It’s working so far, will have to see if it still works in a day or two. In my case, updating my firewall as you suggested has worked so far. Thank for the help :D

  10. Crash after 5 mins if you minimize or lost focus on it ! (2021.6.4 on Win7)

  11. Hello, I have a question.

    I just downloaded the 2021.6.2 V2 which includes 2021.5 and the 2021.6.2 update and crack. I also see there are two update files I can download (6.3 and 6.4).
    What do 6.3 and 6.4 add to Zbrush, are these important updates? I saw someone in the comments saying 6.2 is all I need.

    Thank you!

  12. 2021.6.3


    A dot has been added to DynaMesh Resolution, offering a different skinning mode. When off, ZBrush will use classic skinning for DynaMesh operations. When on, DynaMesh will automatically increase resolution for smaller objects.
    PolyGroup Select Growing. This will allow the user to select a few faces of a PolyGroup and grow the selection to only the polygons that contain the same polygroup.
    Curve Flat and Curve Flat Snap brushes have been added. These brushes are perfect for drawing out hair cards for games or creating a ribbon.
    Curve Tube and Curve Tube Snap brushes can now support gradient PolyPaint color.

    Set lasso Stroke “Smoothness” to zero by default (to allow for improved accuracy).
    SpotLight will no longer readjust all images when adding more images.
    PolyGroup color ID Assignment improved.
    GoZ has been updated to work with Maya 2022.
    GoZ has been updated to work with 3DSMAX 2022.
    Decimation Master has been improved to handle decimating meshes up to 100 million polygons.
    Stored Undo History will now display a red bar when the undo is stored on a SubTool that is not the selected SubTool.

    The Material Diffuse and Specular sliders updated to high exponential (in order to increase accuracy when using small values) .
    The default ZModeler welding tolerance to be 5.
    The Brush Modifiers slider to show values from -100 to 100.
    The IMM Selector will only be shown if the brush has more than one mesh. With this change, ZModeler will not show the default included mesh in order to conserve space.
    Raytracing AO default Samples slider will be set to 256 by default.

    Keyboard value entry in sliders when CTRL or SHIFT key is pressed.
    ZIntensity / RGB / Draw Size values not being stored when typing in the values.
    Deleting the first curve when using brushes with Curve Mode enabled will no longer produce unexpected results.
    Projects with active Gizmo Deformers will now load properly.
    Fixed stability issues related to NanoMesh.
    The “As Line” brush curve mode now works as expected.
    Selection Marquee is now as accurate as with previous versions.
    Double option for Arrow3d primitive now updates the mesh.
    Using the Gizmo on 3D primitives now works as expected.
    Crease Lvl will be retained when making adjustments to the mesh with ZModeler.
    DragRect stroke works as expected in 2.5D mode.
    Eliminating spikes in geometry when using layers + triangles + crease.
    Decimation Master progress bar is now displaying properly.
    LIVE Boolean Show Issues will now display correct results when used on meshes created with the Folder>Make Boolean option.
    MaskRect and Mask Square strokes no longer shrink when used.

    ZBRUSH 2021.6.4 UPDATE

    LightBox will now also show folders with a period in the name.


    Resolved issue reported with brushes not working consistently when using a stored Undo History.
    Dots display mode.
    SliceRect and TrimRect brushes now work as they did in previous versions.

    All Zbrush update are important if you use it a lot, just for quality of life.

  13. I was able to get the main 4 files from rapidgater and extract them but im haveing a hard time figureing out where to go from here, is there instructions somewhere that im missing? been messing with this for 3 days now.

  14. – Replace the ZBrush.exe file in the program folder with the patched one from the Crack folder

    – At this address: “C: \ Users \ Public \ Pixologic \ GoZBrush \ GoZ_Config.txt” we find the file and put in the file properties = read only

    – Completely prohibit Internet access through the firewall for ZBrush.exe files; ZUpgrader.exe and Pixologic License Manager.
    exe (create rules for both incoming and outgoing connections)

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