3 comments on “Udemy – Create Beautiful Art with A.I.

  1. But…. you don’t create it… the AI does lmao. Saying the person created this is like saying that when a client pays an artist to make art, the client made it because they “said what they wanted”.

    Weak. Just learn to fuckin paint.

    • I care less about the means by which something was created, but look at the results. And whether it’s using traditional analog methods or any contemporary digital tools, 99.99999% of the results are just plain shit. Not worth the trouble, not worth the attention, not worth the money in the world. And are still published as art.

  2. Call it art or call it fraud, in fact call it what you want… The only thing worth knowing is that professional digital artists who don’t integrate AI in their workflow will quickly get sidelined. This tech is spreading like wildfire and it is already a HUGE time saver when put in the right hands. But yeah, if you make art for fun you can afford to be a purist.

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