5 comments on “The Foundry Mari 6.0v1 Win x64

  1. Hi, can someone give me a better explain for the crack install ? I don’t really know what to do with the xforce, and I don’t have any “the foundry” folder in my windows programs (yes mari is installed).
    Thanks guys

  2. Hi ! does someone succed to install this crack of mari ? trying all my best but I can’t figure it out, if someone can give some help. thanks

    • Hi thom,
      Have the same problem. Doesn’t work. Always says mari_i license has not been found

  3. I appreciate everything from this site but you all can just stop uploading Mari.
    None of the uploads can actually be used. They do not work!

  4. okay guys i figured it out why this shit repack and asshat instruction do not work simply because you have to run the lic file through the license install from the Foundry license Utility. they dont tell you that in the instructions, i hope this helps

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