17 comments on “Lumion Pro 12.5 Win x64

  1. When I try to run Lumion_12_5_Download, an Error message appears:
    «There are some installation files missing»

  2. After downloading all the 12 Alfafiles in 2 days, I can assure you that it does not decompress with WinRar or with 7-Zip, this seems like a big fake.

  3. change “lumion_12_5_download.001” to “lumion_12_5_download” and rechange again “lumion_12_5_download” to “lumion_12_5_download.001”

    • don’t change, help me please. it change but is still winrar archive

  4. extracting with 7zip tells me that the password ‘cgpersia-zmco’ is incorrect.

    “Data error : Wrong password? : …..” on all files.

    folder structure is extracted properly, with all missing files in error log. please mention the correct password.

  5. launching ‘Lumion_12_5_Download.exe’ does not work. the exe files papperas in tassk manger for half a second and dissapperas. please help

  6. Windows defender is finding a trojan on the file:
    c:\program files\Lumion 12.5\channels\string.dll

    Dis anyone else encounter this problem?

  7. When I start the program it says license expired, can you help me?
    Thank you

  8. When I run the patch it closes immediately without being able to patch the program. Help!!!

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