6 comments on “Udemy – The Ultimate Guide to Creating an RPG Game in Unity

  1. oi vocês consegue esse curso ..obrigado
    Udemy – Creating 3D Obstacles With Unity For Hyper Casual Games

    • how to make a torrent and share by the way? I can make a torrent for it if you tell me how to make a safe torrent

      • You just need to download a Torrent program like uTorrent or qBitTorrent and press Ctrl + N. Then you can share here but in the “Torrent” session, which is WAAAAYYYY easier to download. This video teaches how to create it https://youtu.be/wVpnh2EkNhY?t=218

  2. nitroflare link is not working. Its set to private. Also I wonder why we don’t use website like gofile,anonfiles or similar than these long wait times of rapid,alfa or nitroflare?

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