40 comments on “Maxon Cinema 4D 2024.4.1 Win x64

    • Don’t know yet! but who is the uploader ? The same as the 2024.4 version? Im not in CGpeers so I can’t see.

  1. Ok for the virus checks here.
    2 files in the crack folder.
    3rd party renderers : Working.
    Picture viewer : Working.

    • It’s said in Read me
      You can remove the Redshift folder from C4D install dir root
      nothing alse, and I don’t have it to test it.

  2. it Cinema4d doesnt open for me :/
    I see the splash screen, then nothing.

    I did what readme says
    open, license manager shows error,
    copy crack
    delete redshift
    open cinema. nothitng. :/

        • The same technique and also the same DLLs are being used, this can’t be a coincidence, I didn’t test this crack but credits should be given to original cracker

    • Did you remove the previous install files like it said?

      Anyone else confirm it works??

      Also, don’t bother with Redshift.
      Use Arnold. It’s amazing.
      Newest version is released here, as well.

      • Im using Arnold for quite a while now but I can’t seem to get the hang of it! I can’t master the lighting in it. No matter what I do renders are always dull and looking bad! The renderer is great I know but I dunno why can’t I get something good using it.

        • There is a gumroad video tutorial on here that is very detailed about everything.
          Check it out

    • Did not work for me dude. I did everything per the “!README.txt” and did not work. do you have any idea why it did not open, only splash screen

  3. it did not work. shows up as splash screen and also shows up in task manager but then disappear

  4. I saw another Crack by Kurapica , I tested and it seems to be working well and all plugins are allowed, no crashes.

  5. It works! just uninstall all previous versions. Redshift, doesn’t work, but standard and physical work, same for latest versions of corona and arnold (on this page). But I will pay for subscriptions when an offer barely arrives. It is increasingly difficult to use these programs without a subscription.

    • Most probably you are using an MP4 which is encoded with an unsupported format, convert your video into an image sequence and try again.

  6. Hello,
    Total Virus detects quite a few viruses. Is that bad ?
    excuse my broken english

    • This version, at least for me, has no viruses. It has two p files to replace and avast does not recognize it as a virus. The previous version uploaded here did have a third file that Avast detected as a virus.

  7. having trouble installing any version of Corona .keep getting library broken errors .anyone else?

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