Autodesk® MudboxTM is the first advanced, high resolution brush-based 3D sculpting software that is built from the ground up to address the needs of the professional digital sculptor.
Designed by production artists for production artists, Mudbox introduces new ideas and combines familiar concepts in fresh ways to offer a unique solution for high-end commercial modeling and design.With its friendly interface, consistent structure, respect for industry convention, and a “get it done” focus, Mudbox is quick to learn and easy to use, integrating seamlessly with existing pipelines.

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Particle Flow Tools

Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools created by the original author of Particle Flow for extending its capabilities. Some of these are improved versions of the features in Particle Studio, Atomizer, Glider and Spray Master plug-ins, while others are brand new, designed to the specifications of top Hollywood special-effects artists who use them in movie production. You can drop the Particle Flow Tools plug-ins into your 3ds max installation and instantly start using its powerful capabilities to organize and ease your workflow, as well as create amazing particle effects that were previously impossible or would have required extensive scripting. Continue Reading

Roger Braunstein, Mims H. Wright, Joshua J. Noble, “ActionScript 3.0 Bible”
Publisher: Wiley | Pages: 735 | Date: 2007-10-29 | ISBN: 0470135603 | PDF | 74MB

Packed with hands-on instruction and step by step tutorials, the ActionScript 3 Bible is everything you need to harness the power of this amazing language. ActionScript experts Roger Braunstein and Mims Continue Reading

Lightwave 3D Plugin Sasquatc

RAR | 3 model videos + Plugin | 7.28 Mb

Sasquatch adds unrivaled hair and fur effects to LightWave 3D.

Under development for over 4 years, it’s now finally available to all professional animators! The links on the left will guide you on a full tour of its features.

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Version 3.0 of PolyBoost has now been released!

This new version evolves the concept of working with edgeloops with new tools such as CurveLoop, SpaceLoop, StraightenLoop, CircleLoop, RelaxLoop,tools for moving and building in screenspace in PolyDraw, advanced UVW Unwrap tools, new selection functionality and many fixes throughout PolyBoost.

Check out the preview video here.
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Release info:
Craft Director Tools is a suite of plug-ins for Direct Animation
in Maya and 3ds Max. Direct animation is a ground breaking
animation discipline in which animators are given greater
precision and control. Objects and cameras are steered
manually in the 3D environment with the aid of such input
devices as a joystick or a 3D mouse.

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