ArchiCAD 13 revolutionizes BIM collaboration with its active BIM server based next-generation Teamwork solution. ArchiCAD 13 also delivers mission critical productivity improvements to further polish its best-in-class BIM design and documentation workflow.

ArchiCAD 13 introduces the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server – a first of its kind solution for model based team collaboration. Industry-first Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet.

ArchiCAD 13’s significant productivity improvements provide users with best-in-class model based design and documentation workflow. With its 64-bit support on the PC platform combined with Multiprocessor support, ArchiCAD 13 becomes the most powerful BIM solution for architects.

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Chief Architect v10.8 with Training CDs | ISO | 5.85 GB

Chief Architect 10.08, great program to make your plans, blue prints. You can make a 3D view, see your plans, and even design your next house. And even works with CAD documents!

Capability of this program

* Create detailed Floor plans, Elevation views and Cross-sections
* Visualize and design with 3D models and virtual tours
* Choose from over 18,000 Library items including CAD Details and name brand manufacturers
* Use automated building tools, like Automatic Framing and Roof Generation
* Create complete cost estimates with the built-in Material Lists
* Generate complete Landscapes and Site Planning designs
* Use powerful CAD tools to create custom details
* Produce detailed, professional Blueprints and Plan Sets
* With our Getting Started Guide and step-by-step Video Tutorials you can design your first house in 30 minutes

Bonus Content
Bonus Content for Chief Architect 10.0

Urban Development Items. Installs 10 additional urban items.
Sunroom Items. Installs 10 additional furniture items.
Style Templates. Installs 7 Metric Plans, 7 Standard Plans & 7 Plan Thumbnails.
Home Theater Accessories. Installs 10 additional items.
Fireplace Items. Installs 14 additional items.
Garage Items. Installs 14 additional items.
Water Sports Library. Installs 8 items.
Media Library. Installs 29 media items.
CAD Details. Install 10 editable CAD details for Chief Architect V10.08a.
Bathroom Items. Contains 12 new symbols.
Bedroom Items. Contains 21 new symbols.
Foyer Items. Contains 17 new symbols.
Dining Room Symbols. Contains 21 new symbols.
Kitchen Accessory Symbols. Contains 27 new symbols.
Interior Living Symbols. Contains over 30 new symbols.


Install Notes
Then Burn or mount the CD images into a virtual drive to start the installation.

After finishing the installation, crack the program with the files in the “Crack” folder (Read the “Read Me.TXT” file in the “Crack” folder for more information).

Then update Chief Architect to version 10.08, by installing the update file in “Update” folder (Read the “Read Me.TXT” file in the “Update” folder for more information).

Also includes 3 Keygens

Chief Architect v. 10.8 Training videos
General Information
Type……………..: Application
Platform………….: Windows
More Info…………:
Image Format………: .iso
Image Created with…: Nero
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Special CDR……….: Requires 700 MB / 80 Min CDR


Turbo Training: ParticleFX for Film | 4.4 GB

Industry veteran Szymon Masiak has put together over 4 hours of incredible Particle Flow and Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in AfterBurn 3 training for animators looking to increase their understanding of how these two systems work in concert to produce everything from fiery explosions to drifting clouds.

With each effect type, the set up of the Particle Flow system is covered in easy-to-understand, logical steps, and Szymon explains how to make the most of your flows to get the looks you’re after. Here’s an outline of Szymon’s course:

1. AfterBurn Introduction
2. Basic AfterBurn Clouds
3. AfterBurn Smoke & Fog
4. Basic AfterBurn Explosion
5. Advanced AfterBurn Clouds
6. Ground Explosion
7. AfterBurn Rocket
8. Advanced Explosion
9. PFlow Std. Cigarette Smoke
10. PFlow Machine Gun
11. PFlow Fireworks
12. PFlow Sand Dunes
13. PFlow Sand Twister

What’s more is that Szymon goes into detail on how you can tweak your AfterBurn settings so as not to bring your production renders to a grinding halt while still maintaining incredible detail and quality. It’s a must have for anyone who loves particle and effects work, and is a perfect compiment to the other Turbo Training titles.

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CG ToolKit: Art Of Rigging (3 Vol) | 12GB | English | RS

The Art of Rigging, volume one, is a beautiful text printed at the highest quality in full color. The text presents what is often considered to be a confusing topic in a clear and concise manner that will truly benefit both students and professionals. Because each chapter is designed to become progressively more advanced, readers can quickly find the information they need regardless of whether they are at a novice or professional level.
Included with the book is a DVD-based training course with over 30 video lectures spanning every major topic from the book. This DVD is an unprecedented value giving readers over 9 hours of quality training material at no extra cost. The DVD features many Maya scene files, including many original creatures (and their rigs) that were designed especially for this book.

To help prospective technical directors learn how to harness the power of Maya’s Embedded Language or ‘MEL’, every chapter in The Art Of Rigging includes full coverage of the creation of a custom script. Line-by-line breakdowns help to demystify complex script creation and will inspire readers to get started writing their own Maya programs. Seasoned MEL scripters will benefit from getting an inside look at alternative programming techniques. No current MEL texts include in-depth discussion of advanced techniques like file I/O, recursion, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices.

The Art of Rigging, Volume II

The Art of Rigging Volume II picks up after Volume I by taking readers deeper into the techniques used to create animation rigs with Alias Maya. Whereas The Art of Rigging Volume I introduced the fundamental concepts used by professional technical directors, Volume II will take these concepts a step further by applying them to a truly production-quality example. Readers are guided through the creation of a battle robot, dubbed SP-23 (as seen on the cover).

The majority of the book concentrates on the processes used to rig this gargantuan model. In the process, readers will learn how to handle such extremely large assets by implementing a multi-resolution pipeline. Mechanical rigging, dynamic simulations and plenty of MEL scripting are all covered in complete detail.

In addition to following the creation of the SP-23 rig, The Art of Rigging Volume II includes several bonus sections, video lectures and many included scene files. Bonus sections include discussions of muscle rigging and smooth skinning for organic characters. The included DVD contains many hours of video lectures, all scene files and plenty of custom MEL scripts.

The Art of Rigging Volume I solidified CG Toolkit as the premiere training provider for discriminating technical artists. This sequel both compliments and extends these ideas while introducing many new scripts and techniques.

The Art of Rigging, Volume III

The Art of Rigging Volume III explores advanced character rigging effects like fur, cloth, hair and facial motion capture.

Whereas The Art of Rigging Volumes I and II concentrated on rigging for animation, the third volume was designed to explore some of Maya’s more advanced modules. The majority of the book concentrates on the processes used to add advanced fur/hair and cloth effects to an animated character. All of the concepts are presented in the context of a real world example which provides a fresh and fun learning experience. Readers are guided through interesting examples as they learn how to harness Maya’s powerful toolset.

In addition to learning about Maya’s advanced character effects, The Art of Rigging Volume III includes a chapter dedicated to facial motion capture. Using motion capture data recorded specifically for demonstration purposes, readers learn how to apply the data to a chimpanzee character. As an added bonus, the included DVD-ROM contains many hours of video lectures, every referenced scene file and several custom MEL scripts.

The Art of Rigging Volumes I and II have become staple resources for both students and professionals alike. This sequel both complements and extends the series while providing the final piece of the character rigging puzzle.

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Model a High Poly Airframe Missile Launcher in 3ds Max

Author: Ben Tate
Model a High Poly Airframe Missile Launcher in 3ds Max
Ben is a 29 year old self taught 3D Modeler and general CG Artist, living in Victoria BC Canada. He got into the CG field about six years ago, and his primary focus is modeling hard surface objects and props. Over the last few years his skillset has expanded to include UV mapping, texturing, lighting, and rendering, as well as some digital sculpting and basic VFX knowledge. Check out some more examples of Ben’s work on his website

In this six hour long, intermediate/ advanced level tutorial you will learn to model a high poly RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile Launcher step by step. You will learn to use many of 3ds Max’s poly and spline modeling tools, while keeping the model as light weight and simplified as possible, and only using subdivision in the areas that require it.
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I3D – Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010: Volume II | 2.7 Gb

This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn professional polygon modeling with Autodesk 3ds Max 2010. This is the second volume in a series of production based training titles that takes the user through the entire process of producing a highly detailed 3D scene that involves working in various aspects of the production pipeline. In this second volume, you will be taught advanced polygon modeling methods in 3ds Max 2010.

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The Gnomon Workshop – Product Design Rendering Essentials

Lighting and Shading in StudioTools with Dustin Brown
| 1,8 G | RS |

StudioTools is a workhorse application for many industrial designers, but much of its functionality is buried within complex option windows and cryptically named settings. In this DVD, industrial designer Dustin Brown demystifies the rendering process in StudioTools. He covers not only critical settings within the software, but also presents his unique approach to planning, lighting and shader creation. He concludes with a comprehensive rendering demo in which he shows this approach in action and discusses, among many other things, such difficult topics as depth of field, chrome and clearcoat paint finishes.

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3D Trainer Maya Physical Dynamics | RS – HF | 2 GB

Learn how to use real world physics to drive advanced simulations within Maya. Use fields like gravity and vortex to create incredibly realistic reactions between objects. Take advantage of constraints to create working catapults that can hurl boulders through the air. Or shake thing up with a massive wrecking ball. Maya Physical Dynamics teaches you quickly and easily how to harness the power of maya to create amazing simulations.

Topics Covered
Animation settings
Ridgid bodies
Ridgid Attributes
Baking Key Frames
Keying passive to ridgid
Slover Attributes
Optimizing Slumations
Building a Catapulte
Building a Canon

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Simply Maya Furry Yeti (3 Volumes)

3 volumes | 2,18 GB+3,61 GB+2,05 GB

The Holiday Tutorial is designed for new to intermediate Maya users. In this project you will learn how to create your own complete digital illustration from start to finish. We begin by modeling our main character, a snow yeti, by using images planes for reference and then we’ll model all the basic shapes using nurbs primitives. Once we have the shape and size right, we’ll convert into polygons to add detail. We will also cover converting back and forth to sub-d as well to help with shaping details. After our character is complete we switch to modeling the set using a lot of the same techniques.

You will then begin the texturing process for both. You will learn how to lay out a flat effective UV map for painting in Photoshop as well as learn how to use tools such as UV’s cut and UV’s sew and move. The painting of our illustration is done in Photoshop where you will learn how to build up layers of color to create cool looking skin for our yeti as well as ice for our cave. After the texturing its time to move into some Maya fur work to give our yeti some white fur to keep him warm. You will learn how to add fur to your model as well as manipulate it so it all goes in one direction. You will also play with size, length and “baldness”. Finally, its time for lighting work. You will learn how to create lights, adjust their settings and add cameras to get your final composition.

1 -5 Deal with the Yeti character modelling
6 – 8 Deal with the Yeti character UV mapping
9 – 11 Deal with the Yeti Texturing
12 – 13 Deal with the Scene Modelling
14 Deals with the Scene UV Mapping
15 – 18 Deal with the Scene Texturing

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DVD3 – ZBrush 3 for Windows Essential Training

| 900 Mb | RS |

Pixologic’s ZBrush 3 stands at the forefront of digital 3D sculpting and 2.5D painting, a new medium that is taking the art and entertainment worlds by storm. Visual effects artist Eric Keller shares his expertise and talents in ZBrush 3 for Windows Essential Training. He presents the concepts behind digital sculpting, shows how to produce fantastic images using the unique ZBrush toolset and interface, and demonstrates the power of the Digital Clay and Sculpting brushes. To offer a richer understanding of the application, Eric gives a guided tour of the interface and addresses the most common problems experienced by new users. Exercise files accompany the course.

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