– Digital Creature Creation in ZBrush, Photoshop, and Maya

Beginner | 5h 12m | 3.43 GB | Project Files 2.62 GB | Required Software: ZBrush, Photoshop, and Maya

Author Ryan Kittleson introduces the skills digital artists need to create photorealistic 3D creatures for film, video, and game production. The course covers basic design, sculpting, texturing, posing, and lighting and demonstrates real-world workflow, starting with the basic sculpture in ZBrush and moving it into Maya for finishing, while editing textures in Photoshop.

Topics include:
* Brainstorming and refining a character concept
* Installing custom brushes
* Optimizing tablet settings
* Posing the ZSpheres in ZBrush
* Sculpting muscles and midsize shapes
* Working with DynaMesh
* Using GoZ between ZBrush and Maya
* Creating topology for animation
* Sculpting fine detail
* Cleaning up a mesh in Maya
* Creating the UV layout
* Lighting and shading
* Painting texture maps
* Posing with Transpose tools in ZBrush
* Batch rendering a turntable animation



Ken Fountain – Animating a Basic Acting Shot

Beginner | 3h 18m | 1.98 GB | Project Files n/a | Required Software: Autodesk Maya

In this 3-hour video lecture/demo, follow DreamWorks Animator Ken Fountain’s process for analyzing and animating a simple, clear and appealing acting performance.
With a presentation geared toward the more advanced animator looking to create a great test shot for their demo reel, Ken let’s you look over his shoulder as he chooses audio, examines the character’s “subtext,” plans his staging, breaks down video reference, works out timing and “attitude” through thumbnailing, uses detailed blocking to define clear acting beats, controls and shapes the scene’s “phrasing,” adds texture to enhance the energy, sculpts the lipsync, and brings a shot to a polished final.
Finished work: