CG Academy: Particle Flow Fundamentals 1: Principles and Workflow

This DVD introduces the user to Particle Flow, the new schematic particle system first introduced in release 6.0 of 3dsmax. Chris will guide you through the fundamentals of what particles are, how Particle Flow is structured, the elements of its GUI and on how to construct your own first Particle Flows.
This DVD is aimed at an intermediate 3dsmax user, someone who is comfortable with its interface and workflow. The DVD does not assume any previous particle system experience however and is suitable to those that are new to the field, as well as to those moving over from other 3d software packages.

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CG Academy Texturing Fundamentals 1 – UV Mapping & Texturing

This comprehensive DVD will introduce to you and take you through many of the fundamental concepts of texturing models in a CG environment. What is UVW mapping and how do I work with it? How do 3D procedural textures map themselves onto our models? How can I lock those procedurals to my deforming characters mesh (skin, soft body dynamic objects etc). These and other topics are explored here and should give any user a complete grounding in UV mapping and texturing within 3dsmax.
This DVD is aimed at a fundamentals and intermediate level user that needs a fuller grasp of UVW mapping and procedural texture theory. It will give any user a firm grasp of these concepts upon which they can build further more advanced skills.

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CG Academy Afterburn Master 1 – Afterburn Fundamentals

This DVD introduces Sitni Sati’s 3dsmax volumetric particle rendering system, Afterburn to the advanced level Particle Flow user. Allan gives you an overview of the Raymarching technology behind the system and goes on to guide you through the user interface and a number of practical examples that demonstrate the myriad of uses Afterburn can be put too. Later, he gives a valuable insight into optimisation techniques and the best tricks and approaches to Afterburn’s use, that give you an insight into its use for special effects in Film, Television and Games special effects.
This DVD is aimed at the intermediate to advanced level 3dsmax Particle Flow user, that needs to get the most out of Afterburn. The DVD assumes that the user is well versed with Particle Flows operation, though it does not assume any prior experience with the Afterburn system itself.

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 Training for 3Dsmax

In this DVD Paul will take you through rigging the Ogre’s Spine using an FK system in conjunction with wired control objects. He then demonstrates how to create an inverse foot rig using reactor controllers and scripted custom attributes to facilitate a smooth foot-roll system. Finally we learn how to modify the leg bones using expression controllers to create a working leg stretch system.
This DVD is aimed at 3dsmax users that are familiar with the basics of rigging such as IK and FK systems, Expression, Script and Reactor Controllers and so on. The DVD along with the others in the series aims to take those fundamentals skills to the next level and to allow you to create production level character rigs that are flexible, easy to use and fast to work with.

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RenderMan Studio is a collection of tools that form an advanced
render pipeline that is both easy to use and fully customizable.
From Maya scene translation, to network rendering, to compositing . .
RenderMan Studio provides a powerful render pipeline for maximum

The RenderMan Studio includes:
RenderMan for Maya Pro for Maya 7, 8.5 and 2008
Integrates tightly with Maya to provide a bridge to Pixar’s RenderMan.
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3D models for 3D Studio MAX/VIZ (.max) and Cinema 4D (.c4d) | 82 MB

More than 240 highly detailed 3D models for 3DSMAX AND CINEMA 4D
Over 240 highly detailed
Use our collections of 3D models with organic and synthetic textures and our photographic elements such as skies, people, plants and trees for your
architectural visualizations.

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