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Digital Tutors: maya Collection (total size 85 GB)

Digital Tutors: Animating Next Gen Characters In Maya
4xCDs | 2.3 GB

Learn a production workflow to game animation and time-saving methods for creating game-ready characters rigs, non-linear animation, and adding appeal. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training for artists learning character animation for next-generation games.
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Digital Tutors & 3D Tutorial Collection Softimage? XSI

3D Tutorial – Get Moving Character Animation tutorial for XSI | 1.21GB

6-hours of self-paced, project based training for the BEGINNING to INTERMEDIATE level XSI Character Animation enthusiast.

For the intermediate level XSI Character Animation enthusiast or anyone interested in just learning more about animating using SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This new tutorial is approximately 6 (SIX) HOURS long, and consists of a self-paced project based training course comprised of 11 modules and 64 video lectures. The purpose of this series is to introduce you to essential character animation concepts within SOFTIMAGE|XSI and will show you ways that the default XSI rigs and tools can be used to create outstanding animated output.

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Digital Tutors: Maya Modeling Techniques: Werewolves | 4 CD

Learn Polygon and Sub-D modeling techniques and a production workflow to organic modeling in Maya with over 6 hours of project-based training. Great for intermediate artists.

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Animation Tutorial from ILM & Sony Animator

Humanoid Animation I features the most complex walk cycle ever recorded for an animation tutorial video. In this video veteran animator David Weinstein will show you how he breaks down and begins his walk cycles – moving onto cleanup – and finally the high resolution details. Using a layering technique, David will show the viewer how to understand the mechanics of each section of the body. Building and blending all the body quadrants together to achieve a full character walking performance. Then in the final stages bringing the character to life by adding high frequency animation additions including keyframed skin, muscle, fat and facial performance. This is a tutorial that should not be missed.

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Description: In this demonstration the instructor dives into the wonderful world of computer graphics by walking the viewer through the many fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to create a successful project. He starts off with an around the world tour of the 3D Studio Max interface stopping at key areas to discuss proper viewport navigation, selecting objects, moving objects around your scene and combining basic shapes to flesh out an idea.

Once the foundation is in place, the instructor takes the viewer through a wide range of techniques for modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating their creations to complete a city scene. The pros and cons of each method are discussed in detail and the viewer is given the context necessary to take the core techniques and apply them successfully to whatever their end goal or respective industry may be. Continue Reading


In this instructional video Zack Petroc elaborates on his approach to digital sculpting through the creation of a female character. Starting with a low resolution box mesh, the viewer watches as Zack begins by adding gesture and rhythm to the character and then takes the design through to final detailing. The lesson takes place in ZBrush 3.0 showcasing a unique approach to developing surface, reading three dimensional form, and establishing relationships between muscle groups. This lecture is intended for all students and professionals who wish to strengthen their character work through furthering their knowledge of human anatomy.

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ED209 Game Development Masterclass for 3ds Max, Photoshop and UT3 |Rapidshare|Megaupload (4 DVD)



Scaffold Mesh Building – creating a surrounding approximation mesh that allows us to make sure that everything is going to be built to scale and the right shape and that all the major shapes of the model will lie correctly whilst also allowing us to ascertain what the basic shapes that make the piece are.

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Digital-Tutors:Character Creation in ZBrush

Software: ZBrush 3.1 and up, Subtool Master (free plugin)
Run Time: 4 hrs. 10 min., 2 discs

Create characters fast. Learn a practical workflow to character creation in ZBrush and a time-saving approach to rapidly shaping detailed concepts from simple ideas. Contains 4 hours of project-based training and gives artists the freedom to work creatively and with more flexibility.

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Maya 2008 Extension 1 Muscle System win32/64 bit and MacOSx

Maya 2008 Extension 1 New Feature Highlights
Muscles and Skin


Use the powerful, full-featured Maya Muscle deformer on skin, muscles or as a standalone deformer in conjunction with other Maya tools. The built-in Volume Preservation solution gives you realistic results as a muscle mass is contracted and lengthened ? helping you avoid the typical collapsing and pinching problems that frequently plague jointsthat bend. Custom squash and stretch can be used to override volume preservation.

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