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Creating a polished game requires skilled artists from many different disciplines. To help teams work on a game development pipeline, Digital-Tutors brought together our top designers, illustrators, modelers, texturers, riggers, animators, game developers and programmers to create a working prototype for a potential pitch to publishers. With many of the assets created in past courses, we’ve focused this series on the specific hurdles and production decisions that goes into each step of the game development pipeline. Creating games is usually a team effort, so while an individual artist may be able to create a similar game, we recommend this series to teams of skilled artists or individuals who want to learn a specific aspect of creating games, like low-poly modeling or game-logic scripting. Unlike our earlier Infiltrator series, these courses do not have a strict learning path, but instead are packaged individually to teach specific topics and techniques at various times in the game development cycle. This series is intended for artists already familiar with the software, so if a software is new to you, check out our Beginner’s Guide and Introduction courses to quickly get up to speed on how to use that software. Creating a game requires many skilled artists to work together to correctly create assets for the rest of the pipeline

Lessons included:
01: Beginner’s Guide to Unity
02: Introduction to Unity
03: Introduction to Scripting in Unity
04: Character and Weapon Modeling
05: Rigging and Animation
06: Communication with Notification
07: Player Functionality
08: User Interface Design
09: GUI Functionality
10: Saving Data and Highscores
11: Concept and Design
12: Environment Modeling
13: UV Layout and Texturing
14: Set Dressing
15: Level Design
16: Lighting and Lightmapping
17: Game State
18: Enemy AI and Waypoints
19: Character Scripting
20: Sound Effects
21: Final Assembly

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Digital Tutors: maya Collection (total size 85 GB)

Digital Tutors: Animating Next Gen Characters In Maya
4xCDs | 2.3 GB

Learn a production workflow to game animation and time-saving methods for creating game-ready characters rigs, non-linear animation, and adding appeal. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training for artists learning character animation for next-generation games.
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Masters of Animation [1986] – VHSRip

(Produced and directed by John Halas. Associate Producer, Jean-Marc Peyron. Editor, Sean Lenihan. Commentary, David Healy and Oswald Laurence. Original Music, Peter Shade, Richard Arnell and David Hewson. 1986)

A series of four programs produced and directed by John Halas. Over 10 years in the making, Masters of Animation represents the peak achievements of 7,000 artists from 13 countries. Produced and directed by John Halas, former president of the International Animated Film Association and award-winning animator, the series provides an opportunity to experience the exciting diversity of the world’s leading animation artists. In addition, viewers are treated to examples of state of the art animation technology.

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Digital Tutors & 3D Tutorial Collection Softimage? XSI

3D Tutorial – Get Moving Character Animation tutorial for XSI | 1.21GB

6-hours of self-paced, project based training for the BEGINNING to INTERMEDIATE level XSI Character Animation enthusiast.

For the intermediate level XSI Character Animation enthusiast or anyone interested in just learning more about animating using SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This new tutorial is approximately 6 (SIX) HOURS long, and consists of a self-paced project based training course comprised of 11 modules and 64 video lectures. The purpose of this series is to introduce you to essential character animation concepts within SOFTIMAGE|XSI and will show you ways that the default XSI rigs and tools can be used to create outstanding animated output.

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Created in conjunction with 3D.SK, The Ultimate DVD series
delivers the world’s highest quality photo reference for digital artists.
In this latest set of royalty-free photos – which can be used for film
and game development, life drawing and texture reference – our model
Denisa poses for reference shots at all angles including nude and costumed poses.
These 300 hi-res reference photos are available in both
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The Klara Medkova Ultimate DVD set, created in conjunction with 3D.SK, delivers 16-megapixel, royalty-free character reference for film and game development, life drawing and texture reference.
Each photograph is shot at the highest quality in the best lighting conditions to produce a 16-megapixel image with extraordinary detail.
300 shots, clothed, and semi-clothed in both reference and action poses all tagged and categorised, on two DVDs will improve your work flow by having what you need at hand, when you need it.

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3Ds Max MasterClass Series – SIGGRAPH 2004 – COMPLETE COLLECTION – ALL CDs

Offering attendees of the 2004 SIGGRAPH Conference the opportunity to evolve their skills and expand their knowledge on Discreet’s 3ds max? animation software, combustion? visual effects software, and character studio? software through a series of exclusive master classes.? Sponsored by ATI, Discreet will hold 12 different classes hosted by Discreet’s training specialists and by computer graphics & visual effects industry experts including Chris Harvey of Frantic Films, Matthew Merkovich of Digital Dimension and RT Taylor formerly of Rhythm & Hues. The 2004 SIGGRAPH Conference is being held in Los Angeles

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