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31 comments on “SIGERTOOLS VRay Studio Setup Pro v.1.1.3 FLUX

    • If you need vray

    • Well that’s why you bought a Mac, how did I know you own a Mac? You use C4D and watch twilight. How did I know you watch twilight, You own a Mac. LoL. What kind of 3D artist uses a Mac lols..

      • Now that was abit silly
        just because he uses C4D doesnt mean he owns a mac most of the MUS3 c4d Plugins are for windows doesnt that tell you there is a bigger userbase for windows.

        Its like calling him a linuxfag if he wished for it to be on Maya just is a retarded assumption.

        • Sorry, I just have little respect for C4D users which is why I dread it when they start complaining. If they put in the extra effort in learning a real 3D program they wouldn’t have compatibility issues or plugin issues.

          There is although a tendency between C4D users and Mac computers, which again I have little respect for. A person who uses a Mac is person who knows nothing about computers which is why they bought a Mac in the first place. Paying 1000$ for 500$ worth of computing power. Not to mention the OS…lol

          In any case, if the person decided to be lazy and choose presets over settings, than don’t complain about a plugin, or such, not being available for your C4D. Same applies to Sketch-up btw.

          My respect goes fully to 3D Max, Maya, Modo, XSI, Lightwave, Zbrush, Mudbox and a few other 3D/Sculpting programs.

          • i really cant see how could this be a place for this kind of discussion. its not about computer price and type, its about skills. And try win7 – i had a same opinion before i tried it

            • I have Win7, unfortunately! It’s like a jail.

              Why do I have to enable the tool bars at the top of a window screen (pressing Alt only shows them temporarily, they can be turned on so that they Stay ON!)


              Why can’t I move my files around in a folder as I please. Why is it all based on auto-presets. You can’t re-arrange your files the way you please. You call that an upgrade from win XP?

              And that’s just the obvious…

          • Oh great, another kid fanboy bashing on other software. Give it up, you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. If you actually would have MADE something with the current Autodesk products you would know that they suck donkey balls. Max 2011 is damn near unusable if you are working with heavier scenes (which obviously you haven’t)

            Don’t think you are on the top of the world because you use X software, the artist is what makes good art, not the tools.

            Grow up or get back under your rock where you originated from.

            • Unusable? Yeah maybe if you own an underpowered system! LOL
              Time to swap out that clunker you’re using!

      • I’m frankly flabbergasted with your rudeness. I use Windows 7. Never had a Mac. C4D is awesome by the way…I laugh at you and your crappy antique Autodesk garbage.

        • Vray Studio works with crappy antique Autodesk garbage.

          I laugh at you. And I hate Win7 but I don’t have a choice…

          Win XP 64Bit – Long Live!

  1. thank you gplayer.
    MAC USER? HAHAHAHAHAHA… nuff said.

  2. Hello, I managed to install the plugin and patch for cons, someone could tell me how to find the true menu studio in 3dsmax? how? advance thank you all!

  3. I have been a C4D (Win) user for many years. It gave me a good start in 3D, I gained employment in the games industry and now have experience in most of the “major” 3D app’s.
    I still use C4D for some modelling tasks and export as obj’s. One app doesn’t work for all situations, it’s better to have the ability to produce fast work in various programs. I find IBL renders easier to setup in C4D than any other program (good for quick pre-viz work)
    However, I haven’t upgraded C4D since V10 as the tools I require haven’t been updated.

    • Very true, the more tools the better… with the exception of any on the Mac* platform.

      (*) MAC: overpriced, overrated, underpowered. I used to me a MAC user, ever since the the first desktop publishing days in the early nineties. Mac USED to be the ipso facto platform for graphics, and the Amiga was for 3D.
      Times change, the PC platform covers it all extremely well at affordable prices is powerful customizable and if you ask me, just as user friendly and stable as any MAC.

      Having a Mac is like having a Rolex for the snooty, snobbish and ‘posers’ out there… for me as long as it tells time and works well I could give a rats ass if my watch isn’t a Rolex, my tools get the job done, that’s what counts. If a Commodore 64 ran the same software, I’d be using it too. Fuck MAC.

      • Did you just compare a Mac with a Rolex? LMFAO, It’s like comparing a Honda Civic hatchback with a Rolls Royce=p

        • You obviously don’t know what I’m talking about.
          Rolex platinum $55,450
          Dollar Store Watch $5.00

          They both keep time.

      • 12-core macpro is cheaper than 12-core dell
        what overpricing are you talking about?
        oh, probably you are doing 3d stuff on a netbook which is really xN times cheaper than macbook air, hahaha

        and btw mac != mac osx
        i’m running linux on my macpro, working in houdini and maya, it’s just a good workstation after all – powerful, expandable and noiseless

  4. Yes i have the same problem – someone please could tell me how to find the true menu studio in 3dsmax?
    (p.s. i have Vray 2v is it compatible)

    • under customize user interface – toolbars. group:main UI. category:S_vray tools. then you can make your own button and so on

  5. If it wasn’t you guys I woud be it the dark age.
    Thanks Gplayer

  6. Anyone try this on mac with parallel ? I see all the interface except the center “Create/modify platform”. Any clue ?


  7. In first, sorry for my English.
    I have tested this tool but, 3ds 2011 I crash when the output size goes beyond 1300-1500 ( whit just a teapot and a pre-built scene ). I found that the crash occurred when v-ray start the process “Preparing direct light manager”. Someone has this problem and found a solution? Without VSSP I have no worries with V-Ray for rendering large pictures. What is the direct light manager? Can I turn off it?
    I am on win XP32 / 3dsmax2011 / v-ray 2

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