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Cebas volumeBreaker V1.0 SP2 For 3DsMax 8 – 2010 32Bit & 64Bit

volumeBreaker is a volumetric geometry fracturing tool that will instantly create sub-geometry within any mesh – geometry that perfectly fits together and fills any given volume. With volumeBreaker Cebas brings a Hollywood quality destruction tool to 3ds MAX. volumeBreaker was developed in consultation with, and to meet the very exacting demands of, VFX artists working on multi-million dollar movies – because of this, volumeBreaker truly is a production proven tool.

Still image from Roland Emmerich’s movie “2012” courtesy of Uncharted Territory. volumeBreaker was used extensively by Uncharcterd Territory in the production of many of the destruction shots used in the film. Used with permission.

volumeBreaker can be applied to virtually any mesh you can create in 3ds MAX, including meshes that are ‘lazy’ and not a fully enclosed volume. volumeBreaker includes algorithms that intelligently attempt to compensate for any errors within the mesh; errors such as unwelded vertices and open edges that can be the result of sloppy modelling or due to importing from CAD software or other sources.

The sub-geometry that volumeBreaker creates are individual elements within the parent mesh, accessible by applying an Edit Poly or Edit Mesh modifier on top of volumeBreaker; allowing you to further modify and control the end result.

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