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Issue 30

The latest and greatest techniques;
– Applying Lighting renders
– Integrate Poser renders
– Professional retouching masterclass

Creative Tutorials
Challenging and inspiring Masterclasses including;
– Create a photomontage
– Design a lowlight landscape

Also featured;
– 2007 Graduate Showcase
– Photoshop CS3 and CS3 Extended update
– Win one of three work placements with McFaul


Nuke 6.0
Nuke 6.0 incorporates a completely new shape rotoscope and paint toolset based on a rewritten core curve library and new RotoPaint node. This release introduces a flexible, non-destructive, layer based paint hierarchy integrated with Nuke?s animation and tracking capabilities and supporting per-object attributes such as blending modes and motion blur.
As an additional benefit, The Foundry?s highly acclaimed Keylight keyer is now a standard feature included with Nuke 6.0.
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Create natural fire, earth, air and water without plug-ins by Pete Draper (Author) Publisher: Focal Press; 2 edition (April 18, 2006) | ISBN-10: 024052019X | PDF | 96 Mb | 877 pages (With examples)
Size : 116 Mb Un-rared

Get the most realistic effects from 3ds Max without having to spend more on plug-ins!

Boost your effects skill-set with this 3ds Max workshop. Tutorial lessons give you hands-on experience in creating realistic fire, earth, air and water effects. Updated to demonstrate production techniques suitable for any version of 3ds Max, this new edition is co-published by Autodesk Media and Entertainment, and includes new tutorials on entering the Earth’s atmosphere, glaciers, lava eruptions and a Badlands landscape.