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This years best short animated films – 743 MB

Here is to all of you animation and CG art lovers, Hope you enjoy it
Mirrors are welcomed , feel free to upload to your favorite host
We are here to share , and thats all about we care

Logorama ( winner ) – 225 MB
wallace and gromit a matter of loaf and death – 228 MB
The Lady and the Reaper – 188 MB
French Toast – 80 MB
Granny O Grimm s Sleeping Beauty – 91 MB

Nuke is a powerful compositing application that delivers unparalleled speed, an efficient multi-channel scanline rendering engine, and a first-class feature set that is unrivalled in the desktop market.
If you are in the business of creating high-quality digital images Nuke is a production proven visual effects tool that brings speed, functionality and flexibility to your VFX pipeline. Nuke 6.0 incorporates a completely new shape rotoscope and paint toolset based on a rewritten core curve library and new RotoPaint node. This release introduces a flexible, non-destructive, layer based paint hierarchy integrated with Nuke?s animation and tracking capabilities and supporting per-object attributes such as blending modes and motion blur. As an additional benefit, The Foundry?s highly acclaimed Keylight keyer is now a standard feature included with Nuke 6.0.


NukeX 6.0 has all the features of Nuke 6.0, including the brand new roto and paint tools and the Foundry’s acclaimed keyer, Keylight, as standard. In addition, it has an integrated 3D camera tracker, depth generator, tools for automatic lens distortion correction and also includes FurnaceCore, the nucleus of the Foundry’s Academy Award?-winning Furnace tool set.