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27 comments on “Cebas volumeBreaker V1.0 SP2 For 3DsMax8 – 2010 32/64Bit

  1. THANKS!! Just when I started to have problems with the normal version in a important project…you come and bring us this wonderful update!!

    thanks Play BOY’s and CGPERSIA :D

    (Sorry about my bad english)

  2. Rapidshare Mirror- hxxp://

  3. Woops. I mean here:

    • for maya
      much more advanced than this

  4. i cant figure out the installation thingy on the crack guide it says wen i click crack “cannot open files please close license manager”

    • You need to turn off the ipclamp.exe*32 in the Program Manager’s processes. That’s what I did to go forward. Good luck!

  5. what is the difference between


  6. any tutorial links for this or documentation? i cudnt find any

  7. I have a little bug with x32 max, when I finish to edit the volumebreaker modifier, if I want to re select the object and edit the properties again or for place another different modifier in top, volumebreaker crash and I have to reset max for make the modifier work again =/

    x64 users, you have the same problem?

    • I have the same problem in 3dsMax 2010 and 2009 , 64bit , anyone know ,how to fixe this problem ?

    • You must do it like it is written in the File Crack/Install.txt. The only thing you must add is between point 1. and 2. you must stop the “IPClampService”. Thats all.

  8. I have a problem with the installation proccess…:(
    I do as the install.txt says. I’m doing the 1st step and then when i try to crack the ip clamp it says “stop lisence manager” so i start task manager and stop it.. i try again and it writes the same thing..:/
    Help please anybody..????

  9. if you fallow these steps it will work properly (when I install first, it was crashing each time, because I installed wrongly )
    1- Install the IP-clamp1.2 (if you?re running windows 7 , change the compatibly mode in its property tab to prevue?s version of windows , then install the IP-clamp1.2)
    2- Go to the task manager presses and end the process of IPclamp (if its not showing click the button show process for all user )
    3- Run the keygen(if running windows 7 change the compatibility to prevue?s version of windows) and click the crack button , then choose the Cebas/Ip-clamp directory .
    4- Run the IP-clamp.exe from c dir and fallow the same instruction as it is written in installation document.
    5-choose ‘localhost’ as primary network adapter.
    6- Create a request file using your personal information?s and a license code generated by

    7. Use keygen to generate a valid license ipclamp.lic from this request. Save the lic where except in IPClamp’s dir (otherwise you won’t be able to import the it).

    8. Import your licence in IP-Clamp.

    9. Install valumebreaker.

  10. Download From FileFactory
    Play Boy’s Files

  11. When I use TP 3 it is asking for server ip name, port and password. I put the details but it’s not working either.

  12. i have a problem when i press request “please select one option from network adapter dongle” but when i click the drop down menu there is no network adapter…how do i add one in windows 7???

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