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28 comments on “Hairfarm 2011 x64

  1. Hey
    Maby your cracker can help out with this one. power subd-nurbs

    it will convert poly models into nurbs, for finishing touch like fillets and boolean, and even export to all solid programs.


  2. WHy dont you crack vray with pd player , i think you can do it because of ewhat yo write down. thanks

    • i tried to say this in the forums but nobody listen to me…
      this shit crash, crash crash and I have no sympathy with any cracker.
      this war between you and esanti its a bullshit, plz make a good crack or go to fry chicken.

      • some people have got the balls to say that the crack is bullshit or its crappy or whatever..these people are making the unaffordable affordable i think a thankyou should be said or nothing at all…respect

    • Max never needed any plugin, cracked or not, to crash every 5 minutes. EVAH! :P

  3. Thx for the effort but not working to me

    And why all cracker dont work together ?
    L’union fait la force !!!

  4. It is not 1.2.3 version unfortunately…
    Maybe the keygen will work anyway but we need the installer

  5. 2011 crash everytime…. I hate crackers when are polemical eachother and things don’t works….

  6. does this work on max 2009?
    i dont have 2011 and i havent found other hairfarm than this one

  7. I tried it on max 2011 64bit crashed after the first test render i didnt even made complex hair, i dont get it. Asks me each time to update. Guys any fix to this?

  8. Same thing here… crashes ALL the Time… Hair Farm for 2011.
    So do we have really a bad crack or is it something else??

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