16 comments on “THE FOUNDRY NUKEX V6.2V1 (32/64bit)

  1. Very fast! What is now left is Trapcode Particular for Nuke to get the most crazy effects system around. Kudos guys.

    • Just check forum and you’ll find particular for nuke working & cracked

  2. Guys here is the particular for nuke, macOSX version:

    But Please someone put a windows version here!

  3. Rar is every time asking for the next volume, and there is only one volume

  4. any ideas about, why nuke for linux is no come getting cracked?? i was unable to find linux versions since 6.0 , no more 6.1 or 6.2…??

  5. Linux version



  6. hey any ideas about the furnace plugins?
    i tried to use them and appears disable, like if not been cracked

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