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Maxon Bodypaint 3D has become the standard 3D painting tool used in the film and game texture pipelines. Renowned for its stability and performance, Bodypaint excels in the arena of integration with 3rd party 3D and 2D applications like Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Bodypaint’s extensive toolset including a powerful projection painting engine has made it the tool of choice for painting textures on a 3D surface. Containing over 8 hours of lecture, this DVD covers everything you need to get started with Bodypaint. Beginning with the fundamentals of navigation, UI, and document setup, the topics progress to more advanced setup and workflow related lectures. The lectures will also address painting modes, like surface and projection painting, along with effective methods to create and utilize custom brushes in BodyPaint.

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Boomer Labs SuperMesher For 3DsMax 2009 – 2011 32Bit & 64 Bit

SuperMesher is a 3DSMax plugin that allows you to cache animated geometry regardless of its topology and number of objects including pFlow particles. The cache is baked out to a separate file which can be loaded into any version of MAX 2009 or higher. No reference is held to the original objects so they can be deleted or modified without consequence. Because the result is one single mesh, SuperMesher automatically generates appropriate material IDs and Multi-Sub materials.

The plugin is available in both 32bit and 64bit versions of 3ds MAX from R9 to 2011.

SuperMesher is an indispensable production tool. Once you’ve used it in your project, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!.

How is Supermesher useful?
SuperMesher has many unique uses that enhance the production pipeline. Here are a few examples.

Performance: Cache a complex and slow rig into a lightning fast and scrubbable sequence. Duplicate and offset the same cache for lots of variety with low overhead.

Compatibility: Load a SuperMesher cache file (.bmf) into any version of 3DSMax. Alternatively, load an OBJ sequence generated in another application such as Maya or Houdini. The OBJ sequence will be converted into a .bmf file for fast efficient playback inside 3DSMax.

Workflow: Cache complex effects into single meshes to simplify render scenes. If you’re working on multiple shots, load fast caches into each shot instead of hundreds of interdependent objects and slow rigs. This makes for clean, fast render files.

Problem solving: Keep adding modifiers to SuperMesher caches – including world space modifiers. When you’re happy with the look, collapse the stack again. All the animation will remain. You can even cache other SuperMesher meshes.

Retiming: Need to re-time or reverse an animation? With SuperMesher, you can easily animate time directly from the trackview.

Rendering: Because SuperMesher provides a free loader plugin, anybody can load or render SuperMesher files. If you’ve used commercial geometry plugins and need to render offsite, just cache all your render scenes and provide a copy of the free SuperMesher reader to the offsite renderfarm.

Protection: Provide your work to others without giving them the actual mesh.

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