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Car : Evermotion Archinteriors 2010

Evermotion Archinteriors vol. 20
3D models | format: .max (V-ray) + psd + textures | 1.29 GB

Take a look at this 11 fully textured scenes with professional shaders and lighting ready to render from Archinteriors vol. 20.
All scenes are prepared for vray with 3dsmax 2008.
Car model included.
Recommended system specification: Intel Core Duo with 4GB of RAM, and 64bit system.
*.max – V-Ray 1.5 – or higher – with textures and shaders
*. max 2008 – or higher
PDF Sample

HotFile Download Evermotion Archinteriors :

FileSerVe Download Evermotion Archinteriors :

Shave & Haircut 5.5 v12 for Maya 09/10/11 x64 with support for Mray/Rm/Vray

Joe Alter Shave and a Haircut is a plugin for Maya, that creates extra realistic hair and fur surfaces. With this, you can create furry animals, grasses, haircuts, mustaches and so on. And this is not only about extra rendering-realistic, but also extra dynamic-realistic hair/fur. Combining advantages from both Maya Fur and Maya Hair modules inside itself, JA S&H is a perfect decision for your production. It makes creating of haircuts much easier with much finer level of control and much less rendering time. S&H also MentalRay- and RenderMan-compatible, so you can create super-photorealistic renderings using with no additional compositing.

Shave and a Haircut 2 has made creating and rendering CG hair an absolute pleasure for us, both on past projects and our current show Hellboy . It’s entire range of hair-based effects from scraggly beards to full length hair, come out looking beautiful with surprisingly minimal render times. Shave will remain an integral part of our digital double production pipeline for many projects to come.

What?s new in 5.5? (since 5.0)

– Maya 2011 support
– New platform (osx 64)
– Renderman support for Windows64, and OSX 64
– new parameters (“twist”, “offset”, “aspect”) for mult hairs
– new “squirrel” button for doing a sharper root to tip color interpolation
– improved hair display in the viewer (make sure you view it with ‘solid’ shading on)
Vray for Maya support

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Enjoy !

Lots of Robots DVD 1&2 | .ms | .max | mov | 4.94Gb
LOR Volume One Tutorials include: Compositing with After Effects, Lighting with 3dsmax, Clouds, Water Worm, Intro to MaxScript, MaxScripting Animation, Advanced MaxScripting.
LOR Volume Two Tutorials include: Character Rigging, Foot systems, Animated Parenting, Hand Skeleton, Facial Animation, Skeleton Control. Afterburn and Particle Flow, Smoke Trails, Mushroom Cloud, Galaxy, Assorted Abstract Art.


Hotfile – part1
Hotfile – part2
Hotfile – part3
Hotfile – part4
Hotfile – part5
Hotfile – part6
Hotfile – part7
Hotfile – part8
Hotfile – part9
Hotfile – part10
Hotfile – part11
Hotfile – part12
Hotfile – part13
Hotfile – part14
Hotfile – part15
Hotfile – part16
Hotfile – part17
Hotfile – part18
Hotfile – part19
Hotfile – part20
Hotfile – part21
Hotfile – part22
Hotfile – part23
Hotfile – part24
Hotfile – part25
Letitbit – part1
Letitbit – part2
Letitbit – part3
Letitbit – part4
Letitbit – part5
Letitbit – part6
Letitbit – part7
Letitbit – part8
Letitbit – part9
Letitbit – part10
Letitbit – part11
Letitbit – part12
Letitbit – part13
Letitbit – part14
Letitbit – part15
Letitbit – part16
Letitbit – part17
Letitbit – part18
Letitbit – part19
Letitbit – part20
Letitbit – part21
Letitbit – part22
Letitbit – part23
Letitbit – part24
Letitbit – part25

autvel cam
Autvel is a collection of scripting tools for Maya 2011 and Maxwell 2.0, written to improve the everyday pipeline. I’ve created a complete Maxwell lightlister, a camera manager, a renamer tool, an useful HUD system and a series of other cool things useful for polygon modeling, UV, shading, texturing and layout creation. This tools are in MEL with a very user friendly interface, try them ;)


Cam 6.2
Light 1.9
Poly 2.8
Uv v0.5
Rend 2.0
Name v1.0
Sese v0.7
HUD v2.5
Clean v1.5
Iso v1.5


  1. After the download extract the file (for example: “”)
  2. Open the script in the MEL script editor and execute the code
  3. Drag all the code on a shelf and choose “MEL” type

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Qualoth 2011 v2 For Maya 2008 – 2011 64Bit Only

Qualoth is a production-proven cloth simulator aimed for high quality cloth animation creation. It has a sophisticated physical model and numerical algorithms that produce realistic wrinkles and animation, and reliable collision handling mechanism and rich set of controls that give users more time for creativity than trouble-shooting.

Qualoth is available for Maya 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 in Windows and Linux.

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V-RAY for Cinema 4D | Windows 32/64 | 202 MB
The simple description of VRAY for C4D is that it is a professional render system for MAXON CINEMA 4D and BODYPAINT 3D software. However that is where the simplistic description ends. This robust rendering system is a true wonder that allows the user to set up realistic scenes with lighting that defies description with its realistic look and feel. Stefan Laub (remove nospam) teamed up with well known CINEMA 4D plugin programmer Renato Tarabella and Daniele Ficini to develop the bridge between CINEMA 4D and Vray.

Letitbit – part1
Letitbit – part2
Hotfile – part1
Hotfile – part2

Unity3d 3.1 x86+x64 [2010, ENG] Win+Mac | 1.41Gb
Unity is an integrated authoring tool for creating 3D video games or other interactive content such as architectural visualizations or real-time 3D animations.
Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools or Torque Game Builder in the sense that an integrated graphical environment is the primary method of development.


With Unity 3, we’ve put tremendous effort on world building tools ? so you can assemble and tweak your levels at the speed of thought.
Edit. Test. Play. With Unity, testing your latest idea is never more than a click away. This lets you drill down to find the fun, then polish it until it’s perfect. Target platform can be switched instantly, so you can develop from a single source for mobiles, web, PC/Mac, and consoles.


We rewrote Unity’s rendering pipeline so your games can look the best they can ? and get a 50% performance boost on top. Unity 3 brings Beast lightmapping and Umbra occlusion culling to the table ? a key part of making games look great and run fast across all devices. Design the perfect aural ambience with our new integrated audio filters and in-scene editing tools. Captivating your audience has never been easier.

System Requirements for Unity Authoring
Windows: XP SP2 or later; Mac OS X: Intel CPU & “Leopard” 10.5 or later. Note that Unity was not tested on server versions of Windows and OS X.
Graphics card with 64 MB of VRAM and pixel shaders or 4 texture units. Any card made in this millennium should work.
Using Occlusion Culling requires GPU with Occlusion Query support (some Intel GPUs do not support that).
The rest only depends on the complexity of your projects!.

System Requirements for Unity iOS Authoring
An Intel-based Mac
Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” 10.6 or later
The rest only depends on the complexity of your projects!

System Requirements for Unity-Authored Content
Windows 2000 or later; Mac OS X “Panther” 10.3.9 or later.
Pretty much any 3D graphics card, depending on complexity.
Online games run on all browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, among others.

Install win
1. Download Unity 3.1 and activate with a free “Indie Licence” (you can select Internet Activation).
2. Download the patch and extract it from the zipped archive (um3_b94.exe)
3. Start um3_b94.exe – it will sit in your system tray. (it can be run from any directory)
4. Start unity3d as normal, or from Monodevelop – it should come up in “Pro” mode. (Dark Grey GUI)
Patched to -> Unity Pro, Asset Server and Android Advanced (Android Advanced needs Registered Android SDK from Google)
With Unity running …Go to Help>About Unity…bottom right corner of pop-up window shows you what is currently licensed.

*note: If you had a previous installation of Unity (even if you uninstalled it) and you don’t see the option to load the Bootcamp Demo in Unity 3.1 on start-up,

you can find it in the following Directory (it’s a installation glitch)

Vista or Windows 7 C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects\Bootcamp Demo

XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Unity Projects\Bootcamp Demo

Move the folder to My Documents\My Unity Projects

Install Mac
Install Unity 3.1.0. extract patched executable to overwriting original

fileserve – part1
fileserve – part2
fileserve – part3
fileserve – part4
fileserve – part5
fileserve – part6
Hotfile – part1
Hotfile – part2
Hotfile – part3
Hotfile – part4
Hotfile – part5
Hotfile – part6
Letitbit – part1
Letitbit – part2
Letitbit – part3
Letitbit – part4
Letitbit – part5
Letitbit – part6