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In day 2 of the multi-part ?Civil War Cannon? series from regular author Chris Tate, available exclusively to our Premium subscribers. Chris continues to guide us through the modeling of the Cannon?s complex barrel, mount and axel assembly. These represent some of the most challenging aspects of the entire Cannon project. Let?s take a look!

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Optical Flares v1.2.132 Win 32×64 & MAC Lisence Inclus for CS3-CS4-CS5
All Preset 1&2 | Textures Inclus | Fix for Mac | Tutorial | 492 Mb
Update: 11.01.2011

Hotfile – part1
Hotfile – part2
Hotfile – part3
Hotfile – part4
Hotfile – part5
Fileserve – part1
Fileserve – part2
Fileserve – part3
Fileserve – part4
Fileserve – part5


FXHair 2011 v4 For Maya 2008 – 2011 64Bit Only

?FXHair? is a FXGear?s proprietary hair simulation software that aims to create realistic digital doubles. The fast and robust collision handling and realistic hair-to-hair interaction are the most salient features of ?FXHair?. Furthermore, it can maintain the original hair styles during simulation and can smoothly deform hairs to animated target shapes through the ?Goal Shape Control? feature without losing inertial movement and naturalness. ?FXHair? has been featured in Korean feature film, ?The Restless? and ?The Sword with No Name? as well as Ji Sung Park?s Nike commercial, ?The Legend of the Phoenix?. Customers of ?FXHair? include DreamWorks, Disney, SEGA, and NCSoft. Please visit our website, for further information.

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