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  1. I am new to downloading files like this. I am used to torrents. Do you all actually pay for the FILESHARE or HOTFILE service? Is it worth it to pay for it? I have tried to download the Bugatti tutorial, and only 1 link worked, and the rest skip, and freeze half way through the video. I am in real need of modo tutorials, but these are very hard to get. If anyone could give me some tips on downloading, or where more quality modo tutorials are at, it would be extremly appreciative. I am a broke student, in severe debt, with an obsession with modo. Please help, anyone if you can. Thanks!

  2. Paying skips annoying things like slow downloads and recaptcha’s inbetween, but if you must you can use JDownloader to download them 1 by 1.

    Great post Egustus! 😉

    • Thanks for answering my question. It was driving me crazy! I was downloading links, and alot of them would not work, or the video would freeze. I was using MacRar, or Zipeg to open the files. Sometime it worked, and sometimes it wouldnt. i was wondering if people were paying, and getting working videos, or if i was just doing the process completly backwards. I am downloading JDownloader right now. I hope it does the trick. THANKS!!!

  3. I am glad you are interested in the tutorials…that is great…but I feel if someone has spent a lot of time on them…stealing is not fair…Heck they are only $35.00 dollars…a small amount for this much great instruction…Be fair and pay the instructor…Would you not like to be paid for the work you do..rather than someone else literally taking money out of your hand…seems fair…

    You should and can be a better human being…have a conscience.

  4. What happened to part 1? It seems to have been deleted from the file-sites. Or am I blind?

    • hmm after watching some of the videos, I grew interested in acquiring modo yet it works with those “odd” lxo video formats that I didn’t knew swat about till now… I just found that there is a security risk in that video format… and seems to be a serious one… hmm i guess I wont be using modo after all… by the way… that upload is a mess & the video leaves many things unclear… -due to those gaps & the lxo… (mess)-.. it isn’t even close as good a tutorial as other videos & tutorials found in here…
      if modo didnt had that lxo thing… I would be all over it..

  5. By the way the security risk analysis was done by what seems to be trusted company named coresecurity, I wont post the link cos I don’t know If that is allowed…

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